We will all pay more

unless spending is cut

What an actor our president is. He can tear up over people he does not know in Newtown, Conn., but he can't do so over the millions of Americans who have been and will be deeply affected by his arrogant and pompous decisions.

I live on a very fixed income and will have a very hard time regardless of whether we go over the cliff or the rich are taxed more just to satisfy an election promise.

If our president really does have feelings, then it is incumbent upon him to get off his pompous rear end and seriously negotiate our future. His "I won" attitude will not unite our country, but will only continue to divide us. Or is this what he really wants?

Regardless of one's party affiliation, we are at a crossroad. We will all be paying more, either with new taxes or with other surcharges. It doesn't matter what you call them, we are all going to pay more, unless our government decreases how much it spends every year. As Obama likes to say: "Do the math."

We either cut spending, or we will all be over the cliff, and what will that do to our fragile economy?


Egg Harbor Township

Protect safety net,

raise taxes on wealthy

Playing second fiddle in the fiscal-cliff debate is the discussion about how Medicare, Medicaid and other parts of the social safety net contribute to America's economy and protect middle-class families.

The safety net is as American as apple pie - the idea that we watch out for our neighbors and protect those who are most in need. Protecting middle-class tax cuts is critical, but so is ensuring a strong safety net for unemployed Americans, investing in high-quality education and prioritizing health care from birth through old age. Congress must let the Bush tax cuts expire on the top 2 percent so that our nation has the funding to keep the safety net whole.

Politicians talk in vague terms about "cutting government spending," but never about what that means for real Americans. It would be a slap in the face to seniors and working families to roll back the progress of Obamacare by slashing critical programs in the fiscal cliff negotiations. The wealthiest 2 percent should pay their fair share so our working families don't have to sacrifice their health.


Atlantic City

Tuckerton food pantry

grateful for donations

On behalf of the volunteers of the local food pantry serving the greater Tuckerton and Little Egg Harbor Township area, I want to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to all the groups and individuals who have so generously provided donations of food items, cash, gift cards and their personal time to help the people in our area who were so severely affected by Hurricane Sandy.

If we listed everyone who made a donation, the list would be far too long. The donations came from as far away as Washington state.

Your commitment to helping those people affected by the devastation in their lives is appreciated by those of us who help them and, most important, by all those families and individuals who benefit from our service.

We can do our work only because of the ongoing support we receive from the public. Offering a simple "thank you" for your gift never quite feels as though it is enough to us, because what you have done is to help us continue to provide food to people who need it.

The best we can do is to tell you how much we appreciate your support. We have always known that the area we live in is a very caring and generous community.

Again, thank you to all for everything you have done for us at the food pantry, and God bless.



Tuckerton Area Inter-Church Food Pantry

Little Egg Harbor Township

Pipe-free Santa

is an improvement

Regarding the Dec. 16 story, "Pipe-free Santa brings cries of censorship," about the new version of "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" that eliminates any reference to Santa's pipe:

I was so glad to hear that Santa has kicked the habit. But what about my snowman? Coal eyes, carrot nose, but now what do I use to replace his pipe? A banana?



Our leaders failed us,

but we re-elected them

The American public, according to the polls, feels that the current government, especially the Congress, is not doing its job. So what did we do? We re-elected 21 of the 22 incumbent senators who were up for election and 353 of the 373 members of the House of Representatives who were also up for re-election.

We have no one to blame except ourselves for what the next few years bring to this country.

And the guy who preached hope and change? Well, we re-elected him, too. There has not been any change for the better. I guess we are just left with hope.

Hang on for the ride of your lives. I don't think you will enjoy it.


Galloway Township

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