Prayer doesn't belong

at council meetings

Regarding the Nov. 28 story, "Galloway hires firm to reassess properties":

I couldn't help but be completely annoyed that Galloway Township Council is wasting time on whether to reinstitute prayer before council meetings.

Council currently has a moment of silence. Why isn't that enough? Surely whichever God people believe in can hear them in that moment of silence, no? Why does it have to be an officially sanctioned prayer time?

If you think it's not that big of a deal, ask Point Pleasant Beach how its fight over pre-meeting prayer went. The choice to participate in religion and prayer or to abstain from them is a personal choice. It belongs in the heart, in the home or in your respective house of worship, not in township hall.

Former mayor Keith Hartman's statement in the Nov. 23 "Catching up" column, that, "As a society we continue to pander to the few that cry out, and we step on the civil liberties for the rest of the society," is ridiculous. Nobody is saying that you can't pray. Your civil liberties are not being stepped on by having a moment of silence.

The job of the mayor and council members is to run the township, not to make social commentary. There are many wonderful, welcoming houses of worship of all denominations throughout Galloway Township, and I'm sure they'd love to have you. Township hall is for business.

With Galloway issuing pink slips to all municipal employees, looming layoffs, a budget deficit of more than $1 million, post-Sandy cleanup efforts, etc., clearly Galloway Township Council has more pressing, actual important business to spend its time on.


Galloway Township

People worry about money

while moral fiber unravels

Yes, the election is over, but I see people are still commenting on it.

Many people were very critical of Gov. Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama regarding money. They went on and on about Romney's money and were so concerned about their own money and the future of it, while the moral fiber of our great country is unraveling.

Do you see this happening? Do you see the changes in our children? Do you think our country can flourish under these circumstances? God said that righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people. When you voted, did you care more about your wallet than the future of our children and our country?

If you call yourself a Christian, these questions are for you. A follower of Jesus Christ would not support or elect someone who supports ungodly beliefs that will destroy our country.

How can you support the murder of millions of innocent babies - ripped from their mother's wombs? God calls this murder. What is more important, the life of a defenseless baby or money? How can you support same-sex marriage? God defined marriage as between a man and a woman. Same-sex marriage violates the very definition of marriage.

Our children are being indoctrinated into thinking that these immoral acts are normal. Our country will not flourish with these continuing abominations.

May God have mercy on us as a nation and forgive us our transgressions.



Misplaced priorities

evident in Atlantic City

There are two pictures on the front page of the Nov. 29 edition of The Press.

One picture shows displaced residents being shuttled away from the Travelodge where they had been staying since they were displaced by Hurricane Sandy.

Under that picture is another of a beautiful Christmas tree erected at the foot of the Atlantic City Expressway. The caption says the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority is going to spend $595,000 to decorate Atlantic City for Christmas. I guess all of those temporarily homeless people will have a beautiful setting to gaze at as they wander the streets.

Is it me, or is there something wrong with these pictures?


Atlantic City

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