Armed school guards

are just a smoke screen

The National Rifle Association has suggested having armed guards in schools. Don't we all realize this is simply a smokescreen to stymie sensible and realistic gun control?

Tell me why someone needs a semiautomatic assault weapon and clips that hold so many bullets that you can wipe out a whole police force. You do not need them, pure and simple.

They used to say guns don't kill people - people kill people. But if those people did not have guns, there would be no problem. It's time to forget politics and get the NRA to face the world we live in. Even in Atlantic County there are enough shootings and murders to scare anyone from coming to Atlantic City.



Where is the aid

for Mystic Islands?

The 12/12 concert and the other benefits raising money for storm victims were inspiring, all those artists offering their talents for Sandy victims. So where is that money going?

I live in Mystic Islands. My house and those of my neighbors are poster houses for that cause. And we've not seen a dime.

We all thought we had good insurance coverage when Sandy struck. We didn't. We thought insurance would be there if tragedy struck. It's not. And now most of us don't know if we'll be rebuilding the shells of our gutted houses or totally replacing them at huge costs. Now we've just heard that most of us will be raising those homes at a staggering cost.

Please, funnel some of that money down to us in South Jersey, especially Mystic Islands. Or we will just be gone with the wind.


Mystic Islands

Robin Hood's 'rich'

were the government

Legend has it that Robin Hood stole from the rich and gave to the poor. True enough. But who were the so-called rich? Well, that was King John. And where did King John get the money? Through confiscatory taxes on the people. Those tax laws were enforced by the sheriff of Nottingham. Pay up or else. So, Robin Hood was simply giving back to the same people who had it taken from them in the first place.


Egg Harbor Township

Psychiatric drugs

contribute to violence

The Dec. 23 editorial cartoon depicting a gun vending machine next to an out-of-service mental-health vending machine is disingenuous. You seem to think that guns are aplenty and anyone can walk in off the streets and get them, while most Americans have limited or no access to mental-health care.

For starters, mental illness is not something that can be treated with a cast, like a broken arm. It is difficult to diagnose, and often times the wrong diagnosis is made.

The bigger problem is the medication. In many of the mass killings we have seen, the shooters have been on some form of SSRI, or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. In many cases, the shooters are under the age of 25, an age where the brain has not finished developing. These medications sometimes affect behavior for the worse.

The media need to make a bigger deal out of this. I suspect they won't, though. Pressure by the American Medical Association, the National Institute of Mental Health and Big Pharma will squash any attempt to get to the truth.


Mount Ephraim

Movies, video games

fuel nation's violence

These violent acts like the Newtown, Conn., shootings have been nurtured by movies and video games and by the lack of family values for the past 50 years.

And the lack of any public role for religion in instilling moral fiber leaves the shooters of these licensed or unlicensed guns with no remorse for what they do or have done.

The starting point to slowing down the gun violence is in Hollywood and Washington. All one has to do is follow the money and see who benefits from the violent acts that have been created by these movies and do-nothing politics.


Cape May Court House

Why doesn't Congress

ask us how to vote?

How do our representatives know how we want them to vote if they don't ask us? They rely on us contacting them, but it does not have to be that way.

Years ago, I lived in Camden County, then the 1st Congressional District. The congressman's name was John E. Hunt.

He used to send a postcard to his constituents about twice a year. He would request that you complete a short survey regarding how you thought he should vote on several issues of the day.

It would be a lot easier today with email and texting, etc.

But it seems like now they are more concerned with party and special interests than representing their constituents.


Somers Point

NRA is no different

from drug pushers

The National Rifle Association wants to put armed guards in every school. It says that by making the area around a school a "gun-free zone," schools are telling the bad guys that if you want to shoot up a location, come to a school because there will not be anyone there with a gun who can defend themselves.

The gun manufacturers - through their proxy, the NRA - did all they could to ensure that people could not be denied access to assault-type weapons. Then, once these weapons are used for the purpose they are intended, their solution is to arm more individuals with more of these weapons to chase away the bad guys they armed in the first place.

I also understand that mental illness and a violent culture are contributing causes as well. But, by the same token, we have a drug problem in this country, and a significant cause of that problem is cultural and societal. Nevertheless, we control the manufacture and sale of the product that is harmful, while letting those who can and should use the drugs do so in a lawful and safe manner. Likewise, we have a gun problem in this country that requires significant control on the manufacture, sale and use of the product, especially assault weapons.

NRA, please don't hide behind the Second Amendment in an attempt to distribute the poison that you insist every citizen has the right to possess and use. In doing so, you are really no different from the drug lords who poison our population on a daily basis.



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