Come out and support

Vineland's Landis Theater

As a lifelong resident of Vineland, I have seen many changes come to this city through the years. One of the great changes was the rebirth of the Landis Theater in 2010. It took an extraordinary effort and great dedication from so many people to get to this point, but now I think it's fair to say that the need for supporting the theater has not come to an end - it is just in a different phase.

I am president of the board of trustees of Appel Farm Arts & Music Center, and the staff and board at Appel Farm are dedicated to making the theater a success. We are working very hard to keep the doors open and the lights on. Running a performing arts center is not an easy task. It's a financial juggling act with a lot of pitfalls. I feel strongly that our community needs to come together to support the Landis Theater now, just as it has in the past.

The Landis Theater can be the anchor for the economic revitalization of downtown Vineland. This has been evidenced in communities throughout New Jersey where a thriving arts center and district have been at the heart of renewal.

There is a fantastic volunteer corps that helps with ushering and other important functions, and more volunteers are always welcomed. But the two most important things you can do are to attend the performances and make a tax-deductible donation to the theater.

It is a magnificent performance space. Bring friends, bring your family, and make it a priority to attend a show this holiday season. You'll have a wonderful time, and it's what we need to do as a community. The Landis Theater will be there for us, and for the next generation, but only if we honor the commitment we made as a community when we reopened the doors in 2010.



Stockton students right

to reject Chick-fil-A

Regarding the two Nov. 27 letters criticizing the Richard Stockton College Student Senate for urging the college to cancel Chick-fil-A's contract on campus:

You have to be kidding me. I applaud the Stockton student government for voting to oust Chick-fil-A from campus. Both letter writers speak about diversity. Diversity is the act of accepting all members of a society, not just the ones you like. One writer was very upset by the male student who showed up to a meeting in a dress, but yet he believes in diversity. Hmm ...

And finally, who are Chick-fil-A's owners to spread their bigoted opinions? They sell chicken, for God's sake. They need to stick with their strengths, clogging the nation's arteries, and leave their homophobic statements to themselves. Politics and poultry don't mix.


Leeds Point

Meetings are no place

for sectarian prayer

Regarding the discussion of allowing prayer before Galloway Township Council meetings:

I firmly believe in the power of prayer and consider myself a religious person. I also believe in the right of every American to pray whenever and however they wish to - or not.

The purpose of a Township Council meeting is to take care of the business of the township - period. While prayer is wonderful, no governing body should be using valuable meeting time for sectarian prayer of any kind. It is impossible to cover all religious bases, and even if you could, atheists have rights, too.

Consider this : When one person prays at a council meeting the way they feel comfortable, one prayer is heard. When there is a moment of silence and we all pray (or not), there could be thousands of prayers heard.

I applaud Mayor Don Purdy's willingness to make this a public discussion. I hope Township Council decides to have a moment of silence, so we can all pray for our local leaders. Galloway Township in its current state needs all the prayers it can get.


Galloway Township

Christmas decorations

a waste of money in A.C.

Regarding the Nov. 29 story, "CRDA dressing up Atlantic City for Christmas":

So the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority is spending $595,000 to decorate Atlantic City for the holidays. Wow. I love the holiday season as much as anyone, but given the other needs of the city, $595,000 seems extremely high. Now we will have a huge tree, light shows and decorated street lights to show off the pothole-filled streets, the boarded-up buildings and all the beautiful pawn shops and nudie bars. Great.

Doesn't the city have decorations from last year that could be put up by city workers? Or, better yet, how about hiring some temporary help from the ranks of the unemployed to do the job?


Somers Point

Actually, Obama voters

saved us from the fools

The writer of the Nov. 15 letter, "Obama re-election shows power of fools," is wrong. The danger to America is not the "depraved electorate of fools" who elected Barack Obama, but the vast confederacy of dunces Obama supporters defeated.

You know, the dunces who think tax cuts for the wealthy will solve our economic problems; who believe global warming and evolution are not real; who think Obama is Muslim who was born in Kenya; who think a woman can't get pregnant from a "legitimate rape"; who think equal pay for equal work for women is a bad idea, but invasive intravagina ultrasound is a good one; who think creating long lines at the polls is the way to win elections; who thought "self deportation" was a good election campaign talking point; and who would make us slaves to the interests of big oil, the insurance industry, mega-corporations, multibillionaires, and the crazy far-right religious agenda that would turn America into a theocracy resembling Iran.


Galloway Township