New freeholder promises

•onpartisan cooperation

With the election behind us, I want to thank Atlantic County voters for electing me to serve as freeholder at large.

Results showed that ticket-splitting was at an all-time high. This sends a message that voters reject partisan bickering and demand elected leaders who will work together in the best interest of the public. I was a beneficiary of this, winning Republican-controlled towns such as Hamilton and Galloway townships, and I received the voters' message. I promise to work with officials from all political perspectives to make our county a better place to live - for everyone.

This does not mean I will be a rubber stamp. I will not compromise my values and I will ask tough questions and speak out. Voters want officials who fight for what is right, rather than for partisan advantage.

Atlantic County faces many challenges, from improving the economy to post-Sandy rebuilding, to addressing the Airport Circle debacle. But if we work together, I know the people of Atlantic County will persevere. I pledge my full cooperation to everyone who shares these important goals.

I will not lose sight of the fact that I work for you. Please call, write or email me with any issues or concerns you have regarding county government.



Atlantic City

Economic philosophy

of liberals is moronic

Regarding the Dec. 6 letter, "Trickle-up works better for America":

I am trying to understand the rationale of the writer, Democrats and liberals. It appears they don't believe in trickle-down economics, but do believe in trickle-down government.

They also believe wealth can trickle-up from the poor to the middle class or even to the rich. At the Democratic Convention, speakers talked about "from the middle class out." I guess that means wealth can trickle from the middle class sideways, down or even up. They think wealth trickles every which way but down. Their philosophy is moronic.

The fact is there is no such thing as trickle-down economics. It is not an economic term; it is a political term coined by Democrats. What conservatives believe in is not trickle-down economics, but supply-side economics. Also, we believe that trying to make a nation better by spending money is stupid.


Egg Harbor Township

Keep pressing officials

for Route 30 interchange

Regarding the Dec. 5 story, "Galloway parkway hearing gets off topic/Residents say Interchange 40 needs full connections more than 41 and 44":

When New Jersey Turnpike Authority representatives visited Galloway Township regarding changes to exits 41 and 44, residents and officials voiced frustration at the lack of democratic involvement in the process and at the focus of planned Garden State Parkway improvements.

The absence of a discussion of a full Route 30 interchange as a solution for our traffic, safety and economic development issues demonstrates the disconnect among levels of government.

A question remains unanswered: Could we have come up with a plan that addressed multiple issues and produced a more encompassing outcome? Economic data suggest investment in infrastructure such as roads produces better economic outcomes than business tax breaks - which the township has offered as an incentive for businesses to relocate.

Although the Turnpike Authority appears to be unaccountable to citizens, it is accountable to our elected leaders. The governor appoints most of the board members on the authority. He also can overturn an action of the authority by vetoing its minutes.

Citizens should direct their energy toward contacting local and state elected representatives, encouraging them to contact the Governor's Office and voice their constituents' opinions. Galloway Township's economic development cannot afford to wait 10 years for a full Garden State Parkway interchange at Route 30 to be developed.



Galloway Democratic Club

Galloway Township

In Congress, both parties

are behaving disgracefully

While Congress continues to spin its way toward the upcoming fiscal cliff, I find the whole situation laughable.

This issue should have been addressed long ago, but everyone was concerned about re-election and not the American public. Both sides are a disgrace in how they handle this issue, and the taxpaying public is subject to their phony rhetoric.

Now our politicians are getting ready to take a vacation before the issue is resolved. If these freeloading Congress members were in the private sector, they would have to stay and resolve the problem or be fired. Unfortunately, the taxpayer has to wait until election time to "fire" a politician. I'm all for term limits: Get something done and get out.

Recently, Congress voted to remove the word "lunatic" from all federal laws. I guess members wanted the word removed because it describes every one of them. Don't work on the serious problem, work on something that has nothing to do with anything.

A new poll gave Congress an 11 percent ethics rating, which was just above car salesman. This denigrates car salesman. I think Congress should have been rated at zero percent.

I recently changed my affiliation to independent. I do not want to be associated with either party. They disgust me, as I'm sure they do many other voters.


Little Egg Harbor Township

President ignoring

his promise of balance

President Barack Obama was the most liberal junior senator from Illinois and was elected to the highest office of the land. In his re-election campaign, he proposed a balanced approach to our nation's deficit and massive debt.

Now that he was re-elected, he has changed his tune. It is called bait and switch. He is using the middle class and is feeding on people's fears that if Republicans don't accept his plan to increase tax rates on the rich, our economy will go over the cliff. What he did not tell the American people is that he does not want entitlement cuts and he also wants a credit card on the debt ceiling. This is against the Constitution. Only Congress has the power of the purse.

Wake up, America. Be vigilant. Stand up and speak up before your voices are silenced. The left-wing socialist/progressives have a Trojan horse in the White House pushing an agenda called the New World Order. One world government, one world currency, one world military and one world secular religion. And it's full-speed ahead. Only the U.S. Constitution and the constitutional patriots are standing in the way.


West Creek

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