Find a quicker fix

to Airport Circle

Regarding the Dec. 18 story, "SJTA moves to speed up traffic relief at Airport Circle in Egg Harbor Township":

Let's improve the Airport Circle right now. My challenge to County Executive Dennis Levinson: Arrange to have a county engineer, you and a reporter drive with me to several county intersections and the Airport Circle. While people await the major infrastructure projects at the circle, let's figure out what can be done with minimal time and effort to actually make some meaningful, effective road improvements. With focused action starting right now, motorists could experience noticeable improvements as early as the first half of 2013.


Galloway Township

Count your blessings

after a year of carnage

It's time to stop what we are doing and get down on our hands and knees and thank God for our blessings on Earth, no matter how humble.

This year has been nothing but hatred and carnage toward our fellow man. The culmination was the recent massacre of tiny children and teachers. How much more can happen? Will it take the end of the world to end this insanity? It's as if the devil has flown in with all this evil to overtake God.

Our children need direction in the journey of life. It starts at birth and in the home. Let's take away their weapons and give them love in exchange.



We need more people

carrying weapons

Regarding the Dec. 21 letter, "Take another look at Second Amendment":

The writer says the Second Amendment refers to a "well regulated militia - period." Well, the other part of the amendment says, "The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

She asks if children should carry guns to schools to protect themselves. Obviously, no. However, if teachers or security personnel had been armed, the shootings in Connecticut would not have happened or would have been very limited. In states where citizens carry concealed weapons, many incidents have been defused and lives saved.

We do not need more gun laws. However, this tragedy does require analysis, of our antiquated mental-health laws. There are too many mentally ill people on the streets and few options for people to help them.

Law-abiding citizens carrying concealed weapons are needed to thwart these tragedies. The thugs carrying guns will think twice about their assaults if they know others may have a gun too.


Galloway Township

Review the laws,

but don't ban guns

We all shed tears when we saw the various reports about the school shooting in Connecticut. But we accept other types of deaths with less emotion and many times aren't interested in them.

Now there are people who are going to try and have laws passed that no one should be allowed to own any guns. These are people in high political positions, possibly even President Barack Obama. The attorney general has openly expressed this, along with many other anti-democratic leaders.

Before they take advantage of the current emotional state of many Americans, think about this:

In the later 1700s, the leaders of the British Empire tried to do something similar. Thankfully, the people who were in the process of building this country resisted. We all know the results. They were able to fight and defend themselves against a world power and give us a new free nation.

People like Hitler, Mussolini and other leaders also attempted the same thing. If they had succeeded, we would be living in a different world today.

The gun laws that we now have should be reviewed for any weaknesses and those states that have none or very little control should give it a new review. And when people do break these laws, their punishment should be strictly enforced.


Mays Landing

U.S. must return

to fiscal responsibility

In one of the biggest dog and pony shows ever, Barack Obama and John Boehner are trying to figure out how both of them can come out of these closed-door meetings smelling like bipartisan roses.

Only through the eyes of the failed leaders of both major parties can a cut of $200 billion be portrayed as austerity, when we have trillion-dollar deficits as far as the calendar can see. For the first time, our national debt now exceeds our gross domestic product, so no tax increases will make any discernible difference to our deficits let alone our debt. We need many additional spending cuts.

The main cause of this is government involvement in things where it has no business. The preamble to the Constitution highlights the four things that were the goal of this newly established country - establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense and promote the general welfare.

Let's go back to the Constitution. The solution does not have to wait until the next national election. It can start right now with each one of us. We can become involved by calling out our elected officials whenever they stray from the Constitution. This country needs to decide what direction it will take. We can continue our path of unchecked fiscal irresponsibility or we can change and follow a path of fiscal responsibility and social tolerance.



Betting on soccer

works fine in Britain



Clean up the area

around A.C. airport

As a former Atlantic County Clean Community coordinator for 10 years, it was so sad to read the Dec. 17 letter, "A.C. airport property needs to be cleaned up," about downed trees along Tilton Road:

The county receives a large grant for litter abatement, graffiti removal, landscaping and tipping fees for this exact purpose. As the letter writer said, first impressions last a long time. What message does this send first-time visitors?



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