Please weed out

right-wing nonsense

Before the last presidential election, I sent The Press a letter to the editor pointing out that President Barack Obama's record on job creation was pretty good and far superior to George Bush's. Before printing my letter you asked me for a detailed explanation of where I got my figures. After some back and forth you came to the conclusion that my numbers were supportable and reasonable, and you ran my letter.

I was a little put off initially but I came to the conclusion that you were absolutely right to check on my statements and that The Press should not be printing political nonsense.

However, I note that you run many factually questionable right-wing screeds apparently without checking on their accuracy. For example, in the Feb. 9 letter, "Obamacare already driving up taxes," a writer informed us that because of the Affordable Care Act, while his 2013 income only went up $1,695 his federal taxes increased $2,080. I believe that is nonsense.

Most of the tax provisions of the ACA don't even go into effect until 2014. Did you ask this writer to substantiate his figures? I doubt it. Why does this kind of right-wing misinformation get a free pass? This guy's taxes may have gone up, but it wasn't because of the Affordable Care Act.


Egg Harbor Township

Abortion arguments

involve self-deception

In January, the Supreme Court rejected Arizona's proposed ban on most abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy by opting not to hear an appeal of a federal court's ruling that it would violate a woman's constitutional right to abortion prior to the start of the 24th week, generally accepted as when a fetus can survive outside the womb.

Let's see if I can get this straight because it is mind-boggling. Let's look at a thoretical example.

On March 7, the start of the 24th week of her pregnancy: Ms. Smith cannot have an abortion because now the so-called fetus is presumed to be able to survive outside the womb. It is a baby, a human being. But on the day before, March 6, she could have an abortion because the so-called fetus is not a human being, since it supposedly cannot live outside the womb, which, incidentally, is not necessarily true.

In one day the fetus goes from not being a human being to being a human being. May I point out the deliberate self-deception here and suggest that the fetus was a human being all the while.

In Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court was afraid to get entangled in the socially and politically explosive issue of infanticide. So it avoided the issue of whether or not a baby in the womb is a human being by referring to it as just a fetus, a stage of life all mammals go through. But that does not mean unborn babies are not what they are right from the beginning. Proof of this is that a killer can be charged with double murder when he kills a pregnant woman, regardless of the month of pregnancy she's in. What a contradiction.


Barnegat Township

Trim dangerous limbs

before the next storm

Regarding winter storms and power outages, I know I can't solve this terrible problem, but I have been thinking. Before the storms hit hard we had plenty of good weather throughout the year. There was time for municipal and state workers to drive along streets and look for overhanging limbs and trees - the kind that cause problems in ice storms.

Has anybody heard of prevention? We must hire more people to trim or cut these tress before we have three to five days without electricity. Believe me, nobody thinks it is fun to be without power. A few overhanging limbs can amount to a lot of homes without power.

Think of how much money is paid to the crews who have to work overtime after a storm. Some money spent earlier might save money in the end. I also think there are probably volunteers who would help trim trees in good weather.

This will not be our last ice storm. Unless you want to meet your neighbors at some shelter, there is still time to act before we suffer again.



On jobless benefits,

LoBiondo let us down

Regarding the Feb. 9 story, "Region among worst in nation for jobs/ Officials: We must be more than tourism-based economy":

The headline should have read: "Region among worst in nation for jobs/Congressman LoBiondo votes against extension of unemployment benefits."

Thanks a lot, congressman. Remember, next year you may need these benefits.


Little Egg Harbor Township

Bring coffeehouse

in Ventnor up to code

Regarding the Feb. 10 story, "Live music stirs trouble in Ventnor":

I praise anyone who starts a business and involves culture with it. Unfortunately, a price comes with that.

If the coffee house wants to have live music, it will have to comply with local and state fire codes. It's a small price to pay, if you look at what may happen.

If a fire did break out, God forbid, and someone was injured, the owners would have more than local officials to pay. Paying for inspections and sprinklers up front is nothing compared to the lawsuits, fines, etc. that could result from a fire, ending their dream of owning a business.

I sympathize with the coffee shop owners. I was plagued with meetingcodes, costing my business $100,000, after having bank loans already in place. They may want to have a fundraiser at a local venue that can accommodate live music so they can bring the coffee house up to code.


Atlantic City

More federal debt

will lead to disaster

Regarding the Feb. 12 story, "House OKs suspending ceiling on debt":

OK, kids, don't worry. We don't have the money to pay the bills this month because we owe so much. We'll just borrow some more so we can pay them.

Remember the old TV show where they held a telethon to sell off states to pay the national debt? At this rate, it will become a reality.

Why should Americans learn to live within their budget when our government can't? If our government doesn't learn how to manage money, we might as well pick which state to auction off first.


Galloway Township


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