Rates should drop

for older drivers

The Feb. 21 article, "Accident rates improving for older drivers," is good news. I would hope that older drivers' improved safety record will be reflected in decreased car insurance rates for us.


Egg Harbor Township

My critics are wrong

on Obamacare taxes

I feel compelled to respond to the doubters who do not believe the Affordable Care Act raised my 2013 taxes and questioned my Feb. 9 letter, "Obamacare already driving up taxes."

I am a certified public accountant and use a professional-level software package to prepare what is not a run-of-the-mill 1040EZ form. Unfortunately I ran into several of the 12 taxes affecting individuals that took effect in 2013.

One responder erroneously claimed I incurred a penalty that was not in effect and also advised me to seek counsel from a professional tax preparer. I at least got a hearty chuckle from that. Another was a fellow CPA who offered me free advice in a churlish tone. If I did seek advice, it would be from someone who doesn't support the partisan view that Obamacare is good and that we should just gratefully swallow the bitter pill of a punitive tax act in the sheep's clothing of health insurance.



Commission's job

is to protect Pinelands

After reading many letters criticizing the Pineland Commission for not approving the natural-gas pipeline through the Pine Barrens, I would like to remind these people what the commission was created for: To protect the purity of the water in the aquifers under the Pinelands.

Once that is compromised, we will be in real trouble in South Jersey. It is really sad to see politicians jump on this situation in the name of creating jobs. The jobs would be temporary, but the damage to our water would be very long-lasting.

The Pinelands Commission would be very wise not to ever let any building project jeopardize the pristine water under our Pine Barrens. That is the very reason the commission was created.



Don't blame casinos

for A.C.'s problems

Regarding the Feb. 21 story, "Officials condemn greed of casinos," about expanding gambling to North Jersey:

Who knows more about greed and screwing things up than Trenton and North Jersey? I'm actually surprised it took the wolves in North Jersey this long to try to pull this off.

Sure, let's blame the casinos for the failure and disregard the real issue - the city's and state's failure to significantly improve Atlantic City's infrastructure during the golden years of gambling. Pockets got stuffed, and city blocks continued to deteriorate.

So now the answer is to build a casino in Newark or perhaps next to the failed entertainment venue in the Meadowlands. I can't wait to see this political miracle unfold.


Mays Landing

Health care was failing,

and Obama saved it

President Barack Obama recognized that the greatest threat to our economy was the health care crisis. With the uninsured and underinsured subject to skyrocketing costs, Obama thought the best plan would be a single-payer system, like Medicare. However, he knew that doctors, hospitals and insurance companies would resist any change that would remove them from the current system. Therefore, Obama included them in a new system to provide and improve coverage for all Americans at reasonable costs through universal coverage.

The system had to be passed by both houses of Congress. The Republicans refused to negotiate to improve the system, so the legislation was passed without Republican input or votes. Our health care system was failing, and a major political party would do nothing to save it.

The law currently stands between American citizens and catastrophic financial burdens caused by medical costs. Future clarifications and changes made with a cooperative Congress will further improve this important piece of the social safety net initiated and maintained by the Democratic Party since the New Deal changed American forever.


Egg Harbor Township

Christie deserves

continued support

It is a fact of human nature that intelligent, good people sometimes do stupid things. No doubt some of the folks around Gov. Chris Christie fall into that category. But Christie has earned our continuing support. I'm a New Jersey native, nearly 47, and for the first time in my life, I've seen New Jersey gain respect from outsiders, as a result of Chris Christie's leadership.

He stood up and said, in effect, "We're from New Jersey. We are a strong, proud, hardworking people, and we will no longer be the butt of your jokes." When traveling and someone would ask where I was from, I'd tell them and they'd say, "Man, I love Chris Christie and his no-nonsense approach. That's what we need." No Snookie jokes. No "What exit?" junk. Christie made it a good thing to be from Jersey.

In the meantime, he leveraged his leadership and popularity to pass landmark pension and benefit reform. He found ways to restore school aid, and he began the process of making state government agencies more accountable to the people.

In an apparent freelanced and boneheaded maneuver, some people around him diverted traffic on the George Washington Bridge for three days. MSNBC and Trenton Democrats want to define that as the greatest sin ever committed in government. Please. Their efforts to hurt Christie are only hurting New Jersey. The people who brought us Jim McGreevey, Jon Corzine and endless tax increases want to tear our governor down for their own political gain. That is the old, sad New Jersey. Let us not allow them to drag us back there. Christie deserves our support.



Cape May County

Regular Republican Organization

Cape May Court House