Atlantic County Dems

hypocritical on race

Regarding the Jan. 16 letter from Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Jim Schroeder, "Atlantic County Dems more diverse than GOP," claiming that I am bringing race into political discourse:

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I wasn't the one who injected racial politics into our county. Two years ago, in a deplorable effort to divide voters along racial lines, the Democratic chairman deplored our "all white Republican slate."

Now Democrats are fielding state Senate and Assembly candidates with no African American representation at all. It's hypocrisy, plain and simple.

Last year, despite record unemployment and high rates of violent crime, more than 95 percent of the African American community voted Democratic. If Republicans received that kind of overwhelming support, I'd make certain that I had African American representation on my ticket every year, not just when it's convenient.

And I'd make sure they receive the same amount of money for their campaigns as their white running mates. Remember when Sen. Jim Whelan last ran? The Democratic establishment spent millions on his campaign, while his African American running mate for the Assembly, Damon Tyner, received a scant few thousand dollars. How about that for equality?

This year I hope voters will not allow their support to be taken for granted by one political party. Make sure your trust is based on more than lip service.



Atlantic County Republican Committee


Editorial wrong

on ex-offenders, jobs

The Feb. 12 editorial, "Jobs for ex-offenders/Ban the box," was incorrect and endorsed the wrong path to curb recidivism. Don't you think you are entitled to know whom you are hiring? Why do you think employment applications were created in the first place?

I understand that people released from prison usually have little money and often end up on a street corner trying to start their lives over again. They need help. Perhaps we need a new program to help people who get released from prison start their lives down the honest, right path and become productive members of society. Many people who get released from prison do have a talent and a lot to offer. What they need is a program and sponsors and a purpose to ensure that they do not fall through the cracks of recidivism.

But that shouldn't include withholding information about their criminal records until after they have been offered a job.


Egg Harbor Township

Liberals are confused

on death penalty, abortion

I've been reading the back and forth in Voice of the People between liberals and conservatives calling each other names over guns, spending, taxes. Who said what, who saved whom, who spent more - it's the same old, same old.

But one opinion in particular struck me. The writer of the Feb. 10 letter, "Liberals have made important contributions," thought it was hypocritical of pro-life people to be against abortion and for the death penalty. I had to laugh.

I consider murderers to be a cancer on society that should be cut out and killed. The liberal considers a child or a fetus to be expendable. I am pro death penalty and anti-abortion because I understand the difference between an innocent child and a murderer. Most liberals don't. They're just confused. But at the risk of being a name-caller, that's why they're liberals.



Take photo of visitors

picking up child at school

Regarding the Feb. 15 story, "1 charged in abduction of girl from Philly school":

When a child is being picked up by someone other than a parent, a full-face picture must be taken by the school's office. Anyone authorized to pick up a child would not be offended. Anyone claiming to be offended should not be allowed to take the child, and an Amber Alert should be sent out immediately, without any delay.

This little girl from Philadelphia, who was found in a playground the next day wearing only a T-shirt, was certainly lucky to be rescued, as freezing weather was arriving.


Somers Point

Put the children first

in Pleasantville schools

Regarding the suspension of the Pleasantville school superintendent and her subsequent reinstatement a day later by the district's state-appointed monitor:

I find it very unusual that supposedly professional people could behave so inappropriately at a school board meeting.

It also concerns me that most of the critics were Pleasantville residents who did not feel this school district was capable of educating their own children and thus sent them to out-of-district schools.

The entire scenario seemed orchestrated. How sad it is for our children when education is based on favoritism.

If this school district is not reliable or capable of educating your children, then I would suggest all involved do some soul searching. It is our responsibility to make sure our children are educated by the best accountable and responsible administrative team and to focus on their healthy learning environment.



Board of Education


Obama clearly addicted

to taxes and spending

President Barack Obama's slick State of the Union address was further proof that he is addicted to taxes, spending and big government. And the clueless robots of the Democratic Party can only stand and cheer as America spirals toward inevitable bankruptcy.

Obama was even afraid to use the term "spend," so he used the word "invest" instead. Does the president really think the American people are that stupid?

It appears that our president is determined to create an electorate of dependents who cannot live without the services of an all-powerful big government, even though that government will bankrupt this country and destroy America for generations to come.

Wake up, America, before it's too late.


Little Egg Harbor Township

Why does A.C. ignore

decaying buildings?

How can Atlantic City ever expect to have people other than speculators invest in real estate in this town?

The code-enforcement staff must have their hands tied by some superpower that continues to allow decaying properties to remain standing.

No other municipality on Absecon Island would allow this. So why does Atlantic City?


Atlantic City

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