Binge drinking remains

a problem on campuses

As a college student, I see my peers come to class with bad hangovers or miss classes altogether after a long night of drinking. As each semester goes by, I see more and more students who frequent bars and slack off on their coursework, earning poor grades or even dropping out and leaving school.

A recent study reported that students who do not binge drink report lower levels of social satisfaction than their binge-drinking, high-status peers. However, the sad reality is that the feeling of happiness from binge drinking doesn't last longer than a few hours. More often than not, the "happy" drinkers wake up to a mess the next morning.

Regardless of its negative impact on their lives, many young college students find it hard to resist the temptation of alcohol. To make matters worse, local bars usually spare no efforts in attracting student patrons. For instance, one bar in Galloway Township hosts hundreds of Stockton students every Thursday with its Thirsty Thursdays promotion.

College students will never stop drinking, but there are always ways to minimize it. Schools should provide consistent discipline, set rules and monitor their students' activities. Students need to have more social events available to them that do not include drinking. And parents should be more involved in their children's lives in order to reduce binge drinking.



Revel can succeed

under current owners

State Senate President Steven Sweeney, D-Salem, Gloucester, Cumberland, says Revel needs new management to rebound. I would like to know what Sweeney's ideas for the new owners would be and what new owners can do that the current owners cannot do.

It is unclear to the public what insurmountable problems Sweeney has found in the current operations of Revel. If it's a marketing issue, a promotion issue or an issue of first impressions, then these are things that can be fixed.

Atlantic City is still in the process of recovering from Hurricane Sandy. Revel has recently been granted the ability to open a beach bar. I think the appeal of a beach bar on Revel's own beach will improve its summer income.

In addition, Revel has had big-name acts play its concert hall, such as Kanye West and Beyonc�. Granted, it should have had its beach ready to go upon opening, but given Hurricane Sandy, it would only have had to reconstruct it anyway.

The casino has not even been open for a year and has recently received more funding. It shows a lot of promise for success. If Sweeney truly wants to see Revel succeed, why not make suggestions instead of just claiming it needs new ownership? As long as the current owners are willing to try new things and watch their money, why can't Revel succeed under the current ownership?



Downbeach Express

more annoying now

Did the same person who designed the new airport circle also design the Downbeach Express system on the Margate Bridge? The system no longer displays your trip balance, and to get an accounting of your trips you have to go online.

Don't fix something if it's not broken.



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