Beware of puppy mills

and designer dogs

Regarding the Feb. 11 story, "Creator of the Labradoodle laments designer dog craze":

It is about time that the creator of the first "designer dog" admits he made a mistake and has caused unscrupulous people to breed mutts that are being sold for high prices. He says "horrific" puppy mills are producing unstable dogs that eventually are euthanized.

Instead of breeding out the problems, which is the goal of a true breeder, backyard breeders and puppy mills are producing many crazy, unhealthy dogs. When you decide to add a dog to your family and you desire a purebred, consider acquiring one from a rescue group.

Do not buy from a pet store. The animal will be from a puppy mill. This means female dogs are kept in wire cages or other inhumane conditions and their whole purpose is to produce puppies every time they come into heat. No exercise, no human contact or socialization with other dogs. And the puppies are taken away from their mothers at too young of an age. At the end of their useful breeding years, most likely these dogs will be euthanized.

Many dogs in shelters are purebreds. But being a purebred doesn't guarantee the health or temperament of the dog. Breeding should be left to those who know how to produce a dog that will be an improvement for that breed. And even then it should be done conservatively.

If you want to acquire a dog from a breeder, do your research. Find a breeder who is doing right by the breed and not looking to just make money.

As a responsible society, we should adopt to save a life and spay and neuter to be part of the solution for overpopulation. And never leave your dog outside, chained in freezing temperatures or in the heat of the summer.


All Creatures Great & Small

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Teacher's behavior

crossed the line

When does it go to far? I recently read about a Pittsgrove Township teacher who had returned to his duties after being suspended for kissing a student on the cheek and sending social media messages that made her feel uncomfortable.

I was appalled. I couldn't believe that more serious actions weren't taken and that he wasn't terminated.

Teachers are there to be authority figures and protectors while parents aren't around. They are there to teach and comfort when necessary, but when a teacher becomes so excited that he feels the need to kiss, no matter how innocently, a student, the line has been crossed.

I hope someone takes another look at the situation and re-evaluates it before something worse happens to another student. We have to ask the teacher, what if it were your daughter?



Library policy unfair

to motel residents

A friend of mine is homeless, living in a motel in Absecon.

She took her child to the Galloway Township library to get her a library card so she could take out books. She filled out all the paperwork, handed it in, and then was told that because the residence was a motel and that she was considered homeless, her child was not allowed to take out books.

People say they want the homeless out of motels and into housing, but when someone is trying to educate their child to end the cycle, they are knocked down at every turn.



Brown foundation

benefits community

This year's Chief Arthur R. Brown Jr. Memorial Scholarship Foundation Super Bowl party was a great success. I am very grateful to so many people for their continued support of the foundation and its efforts to help local families make college more affordable.

I was privileged to have served with Chief Brown on the Atlantic City Beach Patrol. I remember him fondly as a gentleman who fostered an atmosphere of family on our patrol. I worked the Kentucky Avenue beach with his son, Chris Brown. Chief Brown's example inspired me to become a captain in the Atlantic City Fire Department.

I am proud to speak for the more than 200 families who have received more than $250,000 in assistance from the foundation in the past 22 years. In fact, each of my three children earned scholarships.

Aside from academic assistance, the foundation has supported the Atlantic City Boys & Girls Club, Vest-a-Cop and Vietnam veterans groups. It has also helped the quality of life of Tom McMeekin and Billy Young, two gentlemen affected by paralysis.

Many thanks go out to Chris and the supporters he has assembled throughout the years. Chris has spent a lifetime giving back to the community. I am proud to call him my friend.



South Jersey needs

offshore wind project

Regarding the Feb. 9 story, "Region among worst in nation for jobs/ Officials: We must be more than tourism-based economy":

South Jersey has battled both economic and environmental challenges in recent years.

We all hear about the need for diversity in our regional economy. The Metropolitan Business and Citizens Association welcomes the success of The Walk and new projects like the Bass Pro Shop, but we also need to recognize the vision of the commercial fishermen who are pursuing offshore wind development.

The fishing industry understands firsthand the impact of global warming. As stewards of the environment they depend on for their livelihood and we depend on to put food on our tables, a group of fishermen has planned a five-turbine wind farm off the Atlantic City Boardwalk. The project has been permitted and awaits final action by the Board of Public Utilities. Unfortunately, that application has been under review for more than 1,000 days. Let's move on this approval now.

The $185 million Fishermen's Atlantic City Windfarm will create 400 construction jobs and 25-30 permanent jobs.

More important, this project will jumpstart a new industry for the 21st century. The project's turbine vendor has submitted to the South Jersey Transportation Authority a memorandum of understanding expressing its commitment to build a manufacturing facility at the new Paulsboro port, creating a hub of offshore wind development. MBCA strongly supports the Fishermen's Energy Project and applauds its commitment to our region.


Metropolitan Business

and Citizens Association

Atlantic City

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