Wearing a hijab

made me stronger

Growing up as an Ahmadi Muslim girl in the West is a completely different experience. Since I was a little girl I saw that my mom always wore the hijab (head scarf). I started to wear the hijab at the age of 11.

The way people viewed me was amazing, and the amount of respect I received was incredible. There are many boys and girls who use inappropriate language, but when I am around them, they avoid that kind of talk. Also, with dating a huge aspect of the Western culture, my hijab shielded me from the impact of peer pressure.

I am frequently asked by many people as to why I cover. I always try my very best to remove their misconceptions about Islam and my choice of wearing my scarf. Hijab is not a new concept; it's been observed by women of many religious backgrounds.

Hijab gave me self-confidence, made me a stronger person, helped me understand my purpose in life and freed me from peer pressure.


Monroe Township

Taliban, al-Qaida

behind cheap heroin

The heroin epidemic is becoming so widespread because of cheap affordable product coming from poppy fields in Afghanistan. This tactic employed by the Taliban and al-Qaida is reminiscent of the Opium Wars of the 19th century between Great Britain and China. It is designed to fund their war against us and to turn Americans into junkie zombies.

Pretty clever on their part. They are a formidable and resourceful enemy more powerful than ever.

It's time to step up this pitter-patter drone war and carpet bomb the poppy fields in Afghanistan.


Little Egg Harbor Township

Gas line needed

to keep the power on

Regarding the Feb. 6 Business brief headlined, "Power shortage":

The operator of the New England electricity grid said the retirement of several power plants in New England is reducing power supply and driving up prices. A regional auction to buy power for 2017 and 2018 in so-called capacity markets ended with a shortfall in megawatts for electricity used by businesses and homes.

This is where we're headed in South Jersey, unless the proposed natural gas line to the B.L. England Generating Station is approved.



Press ignored

March for Life

On Jan. 22, hundreds of thousands of very concerned Americans in cities across the nation participated in the March for Life.

Since Roe vs. Wade 41 years ago, approximately 56 million babies have been aborted, according to anti-abortion groups. There are indications that numbers of other babies have been aborted in ill-equipped and unsanitary facilities at great pain and even death to the mothers, particularly in the cases of late-term/partial birth abortions, which are infanticides.

Given the ongoing debate across America with regard to the moral and sociological issues in connection with abortion, I was surprised, to say the least, at not being able to find any coverage of the March for Life in the Jan. 22 through Jan. 26 issues of The Press of Atlantic City, signifying you did not deem it worthy of reporting.


Little Egg Harbor Township

Market Tourism District

as the 'New Atlantic City'

Atlantic City will never be viewed as a clean and safe destination as Gov. Chris Christie has hoped unless the city is divided into two clearly distinguishable districts that tourists can understand.

Christie envisioned a clean and safe family destination, but that is unrealistic for a city with sections that even taxi drivers refuse to go into after midnight. So why should we allow our beloved tourists to take the risks?

Unless tourists know the boundaries of the Tourism District, then it does nothing for the city. What Christie needs to do is market the Tourism District as the "New Atlantic City," allowing tourists to see the difference between the two sections. This can change Atlantic City's image of being dirty and unsafe town and allow it to become a truly clean and safe family destination.


Somers Point

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