Just what we need,

another violent film

Was I dreaming? Did I read it wrong or is the new movie "A Bullet to the Head," coming to theaters near here soon?

Only in America. Stop the violence and bring back the censors.



Benches, bus shelters

a welcome improvement

I'd like to thank Atlantic City and the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority for bringing benches and bus shelters back to Atlantic Avenue.

The elderly and the disabled can sit down at the bus stop, out of the rain, and rest. Very nice, so beautiful.

Let's keep it up, Atlantic City. Please don't mess them up. Some of us need to sit down and can't stand for a long time. So let the elderly and disabled have a seat.

Again, thank you.


Atlantic City

More and more guns:

progress or lunacy?

Because our country was unable to control the unbridled gratuitous gun violence in our western territories in the mid- to late 1800s, we called it the wild, wild West.

Now we can rightly be known throughout the world as the wild, wild nation, as more and more guns get into the hands of the public.

Do you call what is happening in America today social progress, or name it for what it really is, pure and simple lunacy?


Atlantic City

Heritage commentary

was a complete sham

Regarding the Jan. 22 column, "Economic index shows freedom is losing ground":

What a deceitful piece of writing.

This is a complete and utter sham. The writer, president of The Heritage Foundation, cites the Index of Economic Freedom as the source for the low ranking he criticizes. Finally, seven paragraphs in, he tells us that The Heritage Foundation generated the index.

So, first his organization reaches a series of conclusions, then he says the conclusions are facts because his organization said so. What? Shame on The Press for running such tripe.



Nation distracted

by frivolous 'news'

What have our society and our news reporting become? Last week, headlines were about a college football player hoaxed by an online "girlfriend" and whether Beyonce lip-synced at President Barack Obama's inaugural.

If the football player were the first and only person duped on the Internet, then I would say the story would be newsworthy. But what about all the people who have lost serious amounts of money because they were duped by being told they won the Nigerian lottery?

And if Beyonce lip-synced to Elvis' rendition of the national anthem, I'd say it was somewhat newsworthy.

But please, can we keep our eye on the ball?



Brown should address

important local issues

Regarding Assemblyman Chris Brown's Jan. 21 column, "Local civil-rights heroes still working to realize the dream":

Everybody likes mothers, apple pie and baseball. Likewise, what's not to like about first-term Republican Brown's hosanna to the local NAACP in his Martin Luther King Day column (in an election year, by the way)?

Slavery, Jim Crow and affirmative action were some of the issues in the 19th and 20th centuries. But now the NAACP is just another fundraising special-interest machine.

Missing was any criticism of fellow Republicans who will continue to block any legislation President Barack Obama initiates concerning gay marriage, immigration amnesty, women's reproductive rights, concentration of wealth by millionaires and, last but not least, the coordinated effort by Republicans to ham-handedly suppress black voter turnout - as pointed out by Republican, African-American, retired four-star general and former Secretary of State Colin Powell on "Meet the Press."

One would hope local elected officials would find better use of their media rank and privilege and talk about the lousy economy in South Jersey and what to do, right now, in Atlantic City, as the dire economic situation for the casino industry gets worse by the day.


Mullica Township

Gary Stein is a Democratic primary candidate for state Assembly.

Please don't close

Longport bridge

Regarding the Jan. 24 story, "Egg Harbor Township-Longport bridge may be closed for work":

Everyone knows that work on bridges can be done by lanes, giving drivers access 24/7. This is a very important bridge - not to mention that Shore Medical Center is just on the other side.

All work can be done while allowing traffic to proceed in a single lane, using a guard to alternate traffic. But please do not close the bridge - ever.



No turning back

for Middle East

Someone once said that culture travels on the boots of invading armies.

The Middle East is now in turmoil because recent actions by the inhabitants of those states have indicated a strong desire to join the rest of the world after a thousand years of torpor. That desire was initiated through aggression, but the ultimate goal is to be a participant in world cultures beyond their borders.

The Middle East will not return to complacency, dictatorships or theocracy. The people have chosen confluence over isolation. They will not be ignored. Turmoil will continue until absorption occurs, no matter what the world does.

The residents of the Middle East are ready. They have new ideas carried to their shores on boots of invading armies, which they subconsciously invited.


Egg Harbor Township

Don't let government

determine your needs

I have found lately that the two most overused and annoying words are "need" and "they."

I find that those who seem to have a leftist vision have a need to determine the needs of others. For example, they seem to know what you need for guns, autos and the size of your soda, for light bulbs and the amount of water to flush a toilet. And the list grows daily.

If you take this to its extreme end, then the only things you really need are a minimal ration of food and basic shelter. I would be very hesitant to let others, especially the masterminds we now have in power, to determine my needs.

Secondly, the perverse use of the word "they," meaning the government, as in "They ought to do this" or "They ought to ban that." I'm sure whenever "they" see this, they are more than happy to oblige the request, as it always gives them more power and leaves less for the people.

So whenever you hear anyone repeat either of these words in the context of government, tell them to be careful what they wish for. After all, the last time I checked, the Constitution was written for we, the people, not the government, and the Bill of Rights guarantees certain freedoms, not needs.



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