Governor, thanks

for the trash cans

I didn't vote for Gov. Chris Christie, but I do praise him for his attempts to help Atlantic City. For the first time in decades, there are trash and recycling receptacles on the corners in my Lower Chelsea neighborhood thanks to the Tourism District.


Atlantic City

Even legal guns

can be misused

The Jan. 22 letter, "Gun laws only affect law-abiding citizens," missed a big point. Nancy Lanza was a "law-abiding gun owner," but her son, Adam, was able to get his hands on her guns and destroy the lives of 27 families.

Having guns in the house makes them available to be stolen, picked up by a child or used by the owner for the wrong reasons. Just owning a gun legally doesn't necessarily make you a "law-abiding gun owner." You also must make sure that no one has access to these guns.

In the same Jan. 22 edition of The Press there was an article about a 15-year-old New Mexico boy who killed his whole family just by taking the guns out of a closet in his own house. He was stopped before he was able to go out and kill more people. So please stop saying that gun laws only effect law-abiding citizens. A gun stolen out of someone's house may one day kill someone you love.



More casino smoking

isn't what A.C. needs

Regarding the Jan. 7 article, "Revel may be rethinking no-smoking policy":

Did Revel's decision to ban smoking really hurt its business? All the casinos in Atlantic City are very slow now. Whether gamblers can smoke or not is not the reason for the casino business slowing down in Atlantic City. Stop using that as an excuse.

The people who told The Press that gambling and smoking go hand in hand are misinformed and far removed from what gamblers really have to say about why they don't come to Atlantic City as often as they used to.

Just ask some of the frontline workers at the casinos what the problem is with business. Just for starters, how about having free parking in the empty garages, free parking while shopping at The Walk, more meal comps, opening more than one or two restaurants during the week, getting the beggars and homeless off the casino floors and the streets, repaving Pacific Avenue and sprucing up that strip from end to end?

And let's start enforcing the city ordinance that bans smoking on 75 percent of the casino floor. After all, that's the law. The casinos in New York, Maryland, and Ohio are smoke-free, as are Delaware's racetrack casinos. So let's stop using the smoking excuse and move on as to why the casinos in Atlantic City are so slow. Only then will people come back.


Somers Point

Let retired officers

carry hollow points

Federal law gives retired law enforcement officers the right to carry a concealed weapon in any state, as long as the laws of the state of origin are complied with. The impression is that the government desires trained and experienced individuals to be an interior force against a criminal act in their presence.

As law-enforcement officers, we are well aware and well-trained regarding hollow point bullets, the optimum in stopping power. This ammunition is illegal for anyone outside of law enforcement to possess. But you read quite frequently about subjects being charged with possession of these bullets. These are the same individuals who do not care about or abide by the laws of this state or anywhere in the country.

But retired officers - who, by the way, must qualify on our weapons the same as an active officer - are forbidden from carrying this ammunition.

The dirt balls with a thirst for violence are out there and don't care about laws. They are everywhere, but so are we - retired law officers.

Please change the laws to allow retired police officers to at least have an equal stand against the criminals' fire power and allow us to carry hollow-point ammunition.


Egg Harbor Township

Roger Ulland is a retired Linwood Police Department sergeant.

New Buena Vista leaders

are acting like dictators

On Jan. 7, Mayor Peter Bylone contacted me at 4 p.m., just three hours before the start of the Buena Vista Township annual reorganization meeting, to inform me that I was not being re-appointed to the Planning/Zoning Board as an alternate member for 2013 and 2014.

I was disappointed and angry, especially since I had received a letter dated Dec. 21 from the township clerk inviting me to the reorganization meeting to be reappointed. Prior to receiving that letter, the clerk's office had contacted me by phone and asked if I wanted to be reappointed, and I said "yes."

The actions of Township Committee members Bylone, Sue Barber and Richard Harlan are becoming more and more like a dictatorship.

Input from longtime committee members Chuck Chiarello and Teresa Kelly is being ignored, as they are both systematically being removed from every subcommittee so that their positions on Township Committee have been all but completely neutralized. Kelly had served the Planning/Zoning Board for 18 years and was also removed. Is this a democratic government? I think not.


Chairman, Environmental Commission

Buena Vista Township


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