Holy Spirit students

a big help in Brigantine

The damage from Sandy will be around for a very long time. However, thanks to the wonderful students at Holy Spirit High School, our island is beginning to shape up once again.

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While many of these students had their own homes destroyed or damaged, they were still willing to give their time to help others. We give them our heartfelt thanks for the day they gave us, shoveling many feet of sand as well as removing items from our garage so that it could be scrubbed down. These students were thoughtful, hard-working individuals who gave up their free time on the weekend to help others in need.

I especially enjoyed noticing how well-behaved they were - whether they were helping people or getting lunch for themselves. My husband wanted to buy them their lunch, but they would not accept it. A short time later, I ran out to grab a little lunch for us and came upon the students. They were so courteous to the staff at the restaurant and sat quietly eating their lunch. There was no obnoxious behavior or bad language.

We believe the good things our young people do today should be acknowledged. These students do not always get the credit they deserve.

Thank you, Holy Spirit students, teachers, administration and parents.

You're doing a fine job with our future leaders.



Does Hollywood realize

Lincoln was a Republican?

A great deal of attention has been paid to the movie "Lincoln." The greats of Hollywood have all come out to collect their due for this great cinematic event.

They all expound on the great achievements of President Abraham Lincoln and are obviously trying to connect with that great man.

The movie was a good one, but their attempts to connect will fall far short, in my opinion.

Lincoln, you see, was a Republican.


Galloway Township

Task force needed

on urban violence

President Barack Obama should appoint a leader for a task force aimed at inner-city drug trafficking, youth murder, violence and gangs.

The big government crime agencies have not been effective regarding youth violence. A smaller force with an outstanding leader would be more effective at getting a grip on this very serious problem, which encompasses more than just gun control.

This scourge on our youth is truly a matter of life and death.



Criminals don't care

if their guns are banned

Banning assault weapons will do nothing to stop crimes such as the Newtown, Conn., shootings from happening. The U.S. has been fighting the war on drugs for some 30 years now and hasn't made a dent. Similarly, anyone who has the desire to commit an act like Newtown will find the weapons he wants, whether they are banned or not. Criminals don't care if the guns they use are legal. The only people who get punished are people who obey the laws.

Also, can't people see that the places that are targeted are places where the shooters know other people won't have weapons? Colorado allows concealed-carry so citizens can protect themselves. But the Aurora shooter knew that particular movie theater was one spot where carrying a weapon was not allowed.

Background checks should be done. But I don't see how limiting the capacity of clips will help. Ban 30-round magazines, and the person will use three 10-round magazines. Until people who are found with illegal guns are put in prison for 20 years, and crimes committed with guns result in 15- to 20-year sentences with no parole, gun crime will still happen.

But an AK47 is no more dangerous then a semiautomatic shotgun if the person who is in possession of the weapon is responsible.

By the way, I do not own nor do I personally have use for an assault weapon.


Egg Harbor Township

Police should ticket

wrong-way parkers

I was pleased to read the Jan. 16 letter, "Wrong-way parking still a problem in P'ville." I moved here from the Midwest, where wrong-way parking is rare and ticketed. In New Jersey, the law against it seems to be all but ignored.

I turned onto a street in Cherry Hill recently and thought that I had accidentally turned onto a one-way street because most of the cars were parked facing the wrong way. I can't understand why tickets aren't issued for it.



Thanks for editorial

on government prayer

The Press deserves strong praise for the Jan. 13 editorial regarding separation of church and state, "Government and prayer/Why go there?"

We must resist any effort to subject others to a religion. You said it all: No religion in government, period. A great editorial. Thank you.


Egg Harbor Township

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