A.C. entertainment

•othing to brag about

I enjoy reading articles about how much entertainment there is in Atlantic City. Such fiction. Let's face it, especially after the New Year, the city rolls up the sidewalks during the week, at least.

Sure, that means the city is hopping on Saturdays, sometimes Fridays. The rest of the week, there is a pitiful number of entertainment offerings available. If you want to go to Las Vegas on Tuesday, Jan. 22, you have a choice of 48 review shows to see. In Atlantic City, two to three.

The powers that be cannot seem to realize that, with gambling available in many places, gambling alone is not going to draw people to Atlantic City. During the summer, we have the beach. But, otherwise ... shopping and restaurants are all over the place. Why come to Atlantic City?

The economy is the easy excuse. Most of the casinos seem to feel that when people start coming back, then they will offer more. But why should the people come back if there is nothing to do?

The Christmas season, which usually has any number of family friendly Christmas shows, was pathetic.

Atlantic City will only start to pick up and thrive when the casinos start offering something different to make it worth coming to the shore.



Congressman's column

out of touch with voters

Regarding the Jan. 8 column, "GOP path is to be the party of opportunity," by U.S. Rep. Ted Cruz, R-Texas:

Cruz shows just how out of touch the Republican Party is with the majority of Americans. It is logic like his that has the GOP in the sorry state it's in today.

He says 53 percent of voters believe the economy was former President George W. Bush's fault because President Barack Obama "repeated it often." No, congressman, it's because people aren't as dumb as you think they are. They know Bush financed two wars on a credit card and now it's time to pay the piper.

This is why 71 percent of Latino voters supported Obama, as did American women and the LGBT community. This past Congress goes down in history as the most ineffective by far. The Republican Party offered no agenda, aside from trying to limit Obama to one term.

Cruz needs to look at the calendar. Nov. 6 is long past. The Republicans lost the presidential election, and Obama indeed has a mandate, especially when you consider Bush asserted he had one after his narrow victory in 2004.

It's time to put all your cards on the table, congressman, and shed the racism your party has manipulated since Obama was first elected.



Hold officials accountable

for settlement payouts

Two stories in The Press on Jan. 8 cleared up a question many New Jersey taxpayers have: Where do all our property tax dollars go?

A woman was paid a quarter of a million dollars by Galloway Township (or about $19 per household) in a sexual harassment suit. And a Casino Reinvestment Development Authority whistle-blower was paid an undisclosed sum for his silence in a multimillion-dollar real estate scandal.

While I am not judging the just recipients of this money, I ask: What happens to those who pay out? Taxpayers have blamed public employees. Instead, we should go after our elected and appointed officials, who, when caught breaking the rules, use our money to cover up their sins and continue in their positions.

The Press should shine the brightest light it has on these payouts. Add up all the settlements paid during each politician's term and grade them accordingly, so that taxpayers can hold accountable those who waste our money.

Voters, every payout comes from your pocket. Do something about it.



Gore TV channel sale

borders on treason

Al Gore just became the poster boy for liberal Democrats with the sale of his failed TV channel to a big oil emir who owns an anti-American TV channel. He does the talk but rarely the walk.

Looking at Gore's green endeavor, one sees how he rearranged the economy to enrich himself. As the driving force of the climate-change scam, he drove jobs out of this country to less-regulated nations whose products flood our markets.

His latest action verges on treason inasmuch as Middle East big oil will now use his TV channel to further its anti-fracking propaganda, as evidenced by the movie, "Promised Land," financed in part by the United Arab Emirates. Oil-rich nations see how fracking is setting us free from high-price-fuel enslavement. It is a threat to their economic power, a lot of which finances terrorism.

When will the media that educates our public open its eyes to this real threat?



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