Trayvon Martin

fought for his life

Trayvon Martin was visiting in a gated community in Florida with his father. I'm sure the people who live there are allowed to have guests. Did the people in that community have to call George Zimmerman and let him know that they were having a guest? I think not.

Zimmerman called 911 and talked to police dispatchers, who clearly told him not follow Martin.

Zimmerman was in the "Neighborhood Watch" program, not the "Neighborhood Apprehend" program. Police take into custody, capture or arrest. Zimmerman was not authorized to apprehend anyone.

I think Martin, seeing that he was being followed by a car, and then seeing the person driving that car coming out and attacking him, died fighting for his life.

If Zimmerman didn't have that gun he wouldn't have been so brave and wouldn't have confronted Martin.


Atlantic City

N.J. should support

more palliative care

This year 49,440 people in New Jersey will hear the words "you have cancer." Unfortunately, too many of those people may suffer needlessly from symptoms of their disease and treatment. People with cancer deserve access to team-based care that treats the whole patient, from their diagnosis and throughout treatment, to ensure quality cancer care.

Palliative care is a growing field of specialized medical care that focuses on relieving pain, stress and other debilitating symptoms of a serious illness. Palliative care specialists work with a team of doctors, nurses and other specialists to provide patients and caregivers with an extra layer of support. This type of care is appropriate at any age and at any stage in a serious illness.

As an oncology advanced practice nurse, I'm asking U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo, R-2nd, to support legislation that protects patients' quality of life through educating patients about palliative care, improving education and training for health care providers and providing more comprehensive research on the benefits of palliative care.

Through this commitment, New Jersey can be a leader in supporting a health care delivery model that ensures quality of care for the whole person.


Somers Point

The world is laughing

at U.S. government

Russia, China and even insignificant Ecuador are laughing at the incompetence of the Obama administration in dealing with the Edward Snowden affair.

It brings to mind the words uttered by the great Clint Eastwood, "We Americans are so tired of being thought of as dumb asses by the rest of the world that we went to the polls this past November and removed all doubt."

This is the Obama administration at its best.


Little Egg Harbor Township