Parkway access road

•eeds to be fixed

The service road that connects Jimmie Leeds Road to the Garden State Parkway rest stop is unsafe.

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This road, part of a project to construct a new State Police barracks, has too many curves, and it is dangerous. It should be fixed before someone gets hurt.


Galloway Township

Pasternak family

thanks Ocean City

Regarding the recent death of Gary Pasternak in a kayak accident:

The Pasternak and Madison families express our sincere appreciation to the Ocean City community for helping us in our time of need.

Special thanks to the city's Beach Patrol, Police Department, Fire Department, first responders, emergency medical technicians, the U.S. Coast Guard, New Jersey State Police, the Shore Medical Center team, the Rev. Thomas Sharkey, the Rev. Michael Rush and church staff, the mayor and all of our loving neighbors and friends who performed many acts of kindness without even asking what they could do for us.

The outpouring of condolences, food, flowers, Mass cards and memorial donations in Gary's name has been overwhelming.

This is a most welcomed tribute to Gary, who loved the community, and we know how much you loved him.




Ocean City

Corrections officers need better protection

Not many people think about the hard work our men and women in law enforcement do to create a safer environment. Corrections officers oversee inmates, preventing them from harming themselves and others. A great unsung hero is Corrections Officer Fred Baker.

Baker, 35, of Middle Township, was killed while on duty at Bayside Prison on July 30, 1997. New Jersey recognizes this day every year as "Corrections Officer Day." Flags are flown at half-staff in recognition of Baker's sacrifice.

During the ceremony that signed Corrections Officer Day into law, Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno said, "Corrections officers are truly the unsung heroes. This law will serve as a reminder of the sacrifice made by Officer Baker and the dedication of New Jersey's Corrections Officers."

Corrections officers put their health on the line each day. We are not only the first responders but the only responders inside the walls of state prisons. We believe no one should lose pay upon being injured by an inmate. However, the safety of corrections officers is being compromised to save a dollar.

In April, Assembly bill A3999 was introduced to improve the safety of corrections officers and ensure they will not receive anything less than full pay for injuries suffered at the hands of inmates. It would establish a compensation program for state, county and juvenile corrections officers and parole officers injured while performing official duties.

The benefits include receiving full wages until they begin receiving compensation for the injury. In addition, injured officers would receive regular supplemental payments from their employers. Officers would be required to wear knife-resistant vests for protection on duty.

We need support for A3999. We owe it to Baker and all the officers currently serving in our prisons.



PBA Local 105


MLB shows cowardice

in Obamacare decision

I was angered and disappointed to hear that Major League Baseball, threatened by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Republican Party, backed down from supporting the Affordable Care Act.

Some history: When then-Gov. Mitt Romney pushed a plan to provide health care to 98 percent of the people in Massachusetts, baseball players made TV and radio ads to encourage folks to sign up for the very successful program. When the administration requested that MLB players and other athletes make TV and radio ads to encourage folks to sign up under the Affordable Care Act, a nasty and threatening letter from McConnell was sent to all major sports organizations, urging them to stand down. And to its disgrace, MLB refused to work with the administration.

Shame on you, baseball. Stand up and do the right thing. Major sports players have strong muscles; strong minds and courage, I'm not so sure.


Wildwood Crest

Cure for Congress:

Throw them all out

The approval rating for Congress is at an all-time low. Isn't that a surprise?

The public is becoming very tired of a do-nothing Congress that is compensated very well and accomplishes very little.

I feel that there is only one remedy to this situation, and that is to vote out every member of Congress and start over again. I don't particularly care which party is in control, but the obvious fact is that nothing is being accomplished by those currently holding office.

Possibly some new blood with a fresh outlook is the answer.


Wildwood Crest

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