Where's my grant

to fix my house?

Regarding the July 21 story, "Towns push raising homes to save tax base":

Now that the taxpayers of America are paying to have people raise their homes, we need to give the same amount of money to every homeowner so they can fix their homes. Fair is fair.

The taxpayers shouldn't be paying anything to raise the homes of these people who choose to build in places they shouldn't have. It is their responsibility to pay for it. If I need a new roof or any other work done on my house, I have to go out and borrow the money. If they want to stay, then they can borrow the money the same as everyone else.

If these homeowners get money, every homeowner deserves the same amount to help them with their properties, whether they are near the shore or not.

Stop helping those who have the financial ability to build near the shore, whereas the rest of us can only go visit or rent to be near the shore.


Galloway Township

GOP candidates

impress in 1st District

I recently attended a small-business roundtable hosted by the Republican challengers in the 1st District, Susan Adelizzi-Schmidt, Kristine Gabor and Sam Fiocchi, and I was duly impressed.

While the event was campaign-oriented, the discussion was never stifled or contrived. It was truly an open forum, not the choreographed political events you usually see.

Not only did Adelizzi-Schmidt, Gabor and Fiocchi demonstrate a solid understanding of the issues facing local business owners, but they did something politicians rarely do - they actually asked us for our own opinions and suggestions. That's right, they actually listened.

I was favorably impressed with their energy and passion and with their ideas for making things better in our communities.


Ocean City

Denser development

wrong for Ocean City

Regarding the July 8 story, "Ocean City officials want seaside cottage revival":

What is needed in Ocean City and all barrier islands is low-impact development. This means less cement, more permeable surfaces, more open space, homes on piling with permeable surfaces underneath and more indigenous and salt-tolerant plantings and trees.

The proposed development of coastal cottages is a smokescreen for more development. And the post-Hurricane Sandy rebuilding has created less-permeable surfaces.

It is not global warming that is causing sea levels to rise, it is global runoff from all the cement being poured on once-permeable surfaces.

Choices have consequences. Why the resistance to low-impact development?


Ocean City

After the verdict,

leaders let us down

I've been waiting to see how our leaders, the media and the general public would react to the George Zimmerman trial. My concern was whether race relations have improved or have gotten worse since we elected a black president. The outcome is disheartening. Our top politician and our top law enforcement officer have let us down.

We took a giant step backward as the media and black activists fanned the flames of racism. Racial and ideological lines were drawn as protests took place across the nation.

Fortunately, this dysfunctional atmosphere, which was highlighted by President Barack Obama's comments, is being toned down by both liberal and conservative politicians.

I only wish that Zimmerman had been black and was found not guilty. White Hispanics would not be outraged, and our president would have ignored the incident.


North Cape May

Miscarriage of justice

put victim on trial

However one parses the legal questions of the George Zimmerman trial, the answer will not explain how a man with a gun can get out of a vehicle and kill an unarmed person walking along minding his own business. That bridge just cannot be crossed.

The miscarriage of justice was not the fault of the jury. The injustice was carried out by the defense lawyer and by the judge acting within the laws of the state of Florida to pull off an incredible reversal, putting the victim instead of the killer on trial by forcing the prosecution to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Trayvon Martin did not put the man with the gun in a position where he was justified in using it.



Repeal pedestrian law

to make streets safer

Regarding the July 21 editorial, "Stopping for pedestrians/Confusion, danger":

This editorial is exactly on-target. No doubt the law is well intentioned, but it is not making the streets safer.

No need to spend money on a Boardwalk thrill ride in the summer. Just take a drive down Ventnor Avenue on a beach day for heart-stopping excitement. Or be the pedestrian trying to cross with beach gear as you try to guess which cars will stop.

Please repeal the law.


Egg Harbor City

Atlantic City deserves

accurate weather report

With all the money spent to promote Atlantic City, why can't something be done to give an accurate weather report for the city?

Reports that give conditions at Atlantic City International Airport are misleading. The airport is in Pomona, and there is an average 10-degree difference in the temperature between there and the shore.

Weather data used to be collected at Steel Pier. I'm sure the pier or a casino would welcome a weather station. It would bring more patrons.


Atlantic City


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