Full-time casino jobs

disappearing in A.C.

Regarding the July 16 story, "Revel Casino-Hotel in Atlantic City lays off 75 managers":

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Last week, Revel announced that it was able to make a profit for the first time during the first week of July with its new marketing strategies. But it also announced the layoff of 75 full-time employees, with more layoffs probably coming. Also, other workers at Revel and at other Atlantic City casinos have been put into part-time positions with no benefits.

In 1976 when we voted for casino gaming, the promise was that the casinos would resurrect the area and give local people full-time jobs with benefits for them and their families. Now, 35 years since the first casino opened in 1978, the pressure from stockholders and CEOs to turn a profit no matter what the cost has turned this town into a part-time industry, except for the six-figure executives running the businesses.

The early years saw the companies taking care of their loyal employees, but in the past few years, the only loyalty you will find is to the bottom line, no matter what it will do to the people and the area financially.


Galloway Township

There's even more

to the Gil Katz story

I truly enjoyed the June 29 article by Martin DeAngelis, "A Life Lived/Margate man loved musicals and performing," regarding my dear friend, Gil Katz.

In addition to the rich life described in the article, Gil was a devoted and dedicated member of the Congregation Beth Judah choir for nearly 50 years.

As the cantor emeritus of the congregation, I believe there are relatively few people who get to be in service to God in such a capacity for such a long time in most communities. Most certainly those of us who were blessed to hear Gil's bass-baritone voice enrich our service almost weekly and on the High Holy Days for all of those years will always cherish his energy, the beauty of his voice, his sense of humor and his friendship.

One of his most favorite solo pieces was "Cause Us, O Lord our God, to Lie Down in Peace and Raise Us Up, our King, Unto Life." Many of us will long remember his special sound. May Gil's memory be a blessing for us all.



What a great idea

for lifeguard stands

Regarding the July 16 letter, "Decorate lifeguard stands to help lost children":

What a simple and colorful idea. It would be so much easier for everyone on the beach, let alone lost children, to say, "Meet me at the 'blue dolphin' stand. In addition, perhaps the stands themselves could be painted different colors.



Good Samaritan,

Revel saved the day

On July 10, my husband and I were in Atlantic City for the day. We decided to take a walk down the Boardwalk to see the new Revel Casino-Hotel as neither of us had been there before.

While there I decided that I wanted to get a Revel Card. We did not stay to gamble as it was a long day. We left, and it wasn't until the next morning that I realized I was missing my wallet.

After looking everywhere, my sister-in-law said to call Revel. I did, and sure enough some angel had turned it in. Not only that, but everything was still in the wallet including the money.

If that person is reading this, thank you for being so honest. Revel did not know who turned it in so I had no way of thanking whoever it was.

Also, thank you, Revel, for being so nice and so efficient. You all saved the day.

Yes, there are still many honest, good people in the world.


Egg Harbor Township

Physicist is wrong

about Lourdes miracles

Regarding the July 12 Lawrence Krauss column, "The problem with those miracles":

Krauss, a physicist, denounced the miraculous apparitions of the Blessed Mother to St. Bernadette in Lourdes, France, and the subsequent miracles there to this day. He said that some of the 60 proven cures declared by the Catholic Church included just cancer remissions.

Does he know that none of these unexplained events are simply a remission of an illness or injury? There is a criterion for calling a miracle "a miracle" of Lourdes. The International Lourdes Medical Committee, 20 experts in various medical disciplines and of different religious beliefs, investigates individual cases.

In May 2007 I traveled to Lourdes as a volunteer. While taking a rest from my duty, I saw three soldiers in uniform. They were French, Italian and, I think, Russian. One soldier was doing the "present arms" drill with an umbrella. As he finished, he opened the umbrella over his head - and all the soldiers laughed. I wonder if all the world were like Lourdes, would we have wars and despair, or would we have hope, peace and a strong faith in God?

What I believe this physicist doesn't understand is that God made us and our universe, so wouldn't he of course give us a place like Lourdes where miracles happen?


Galloway Township

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