Cumberland freeholder

should resign position

Regarding the June 27 article, "Cumberland freeholder director urged to quit over wife's day-care issue":

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Freeholder Director William Whelan was one of the driving forces on the Cumberland County Board of Chosen Freeholders that recently approved the 2013 budget. The increase of the property-tax rate for county taxpayers is almost 3 percent.

When the vote was taken on June 25, Whelan, for reasons known only to him, was not in attendance to vote for the budget.

Perhaps he was trying to come to grips with the fact that his wife was being investigated by the New Jersey Department of Children and Families for running a possibly illegal day-care operation from their home.

Whelan has said this was simply a case of not knowing the rules and that his wife is now in compliance. You don't learn the rules after the fact. You must learn the rules beforehand.

Sorry, Mr. Whelan, but this is an extremely poor excuse coming from a person who is in charge of the freeholder board.

The last thing the citizens of Cumberland County need at this time of high unemployment and a struggling economy is a 3 percent property-tax increase and a freeholder director who is being distracted from performing his duties. It may be in the best interest of the citizens of Cumberland County for Whelan to turn in his resignation and focus his undivided attention on his family's personal matters.



Nation's founders

risked everything

With the anniversary of the birth of our nation approaching, and having listened to some people deride the Founding Fathers as a bunch of wig-wearing slave owners whose ideas of freedom do not hold true today, I would like to come to their defense.

The politicians and leaders in America today would not be worthy to clean the stables of the founders. These men - George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin and others - were the richest men in the colonies at the time. They could have easily borne the taxes King George demanded and gone through the rest of their lives as loyal, wealthy subjects of the king.

However, they were also students of history and readers of Montesquieu and John Locke. They could see for themselves the virtues of living in a free society, simply from living 3,000 miles away from the monarchy. It is my opinion that they saw in this an opportunity - a once-in-the-history-of-man chance - to break free from 5,000 years of top-down rule from monarchs, czars and despots. They risked everything - their lives, wealth, families, everything - so that all people could enjoy the fruit of their labor. I cannot imagine any politician or any of the famous or rich of today putting it all on the line as these men did.

Make no mistake, these men were not perfect. Some did own slaves. But they were successful in war and in forming the Constitution that we live under today. They had faith in the people that any remaining injustices or necessary adjustments to the Constitution would be made in the future. That is why they made provisions for amendments.

The next time your thoughts are on the founders, say a prayer for them and forgive them their transgressions. For without them, you would not be reading this letter today.



Scalia more politician

than impartial judge

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia pumps himself up as a strict constitutionalist, but he turns out to be the biggest politician the Supreme Court has ever seen.

He has no problem changing American policy when it fits his right-wing ideology, as he did in the ruling on the Voting Rights Act. He gutted a law that has been supported for many years by both Democratic and Republican presidents, because he felt Congress was afraid to tackle what he thought was a bad policy.

This is a right-wing bigot who runs around the country spouting flowery language that people buy into. He is just a hack politician.

This country deserves better.



O.C. officials ignoring

•orth-end boaters

Regarding the June 26 article, "Water activity slows in O.C. as silt buildup grounds boats":

We residents of the Bay Club Condominium at Fourth Street and Bay Avenue have similar problems. We have had an active marina in Ocean City since 1975, but this year our residents and other recreational boaters cannot get into the bay except on high tide.

I am reminded of the quip that a kingdom was lost but for the want of a horseshoe nail. The decline of recreational boating in Ocean City has a serious impact on the bayside and the town's economy. Boaters spend money in our town just as beachgoers do.

But residents, marinas and businesses north of Ninth Street have been given short shrift by the town fathers, who have concentrated their attention on the south end. Maybe our residents or businesses don't generate as much in tax dollars as those south-end lagoons. I know our building (42 units) adds more than $100,000 in taxes each year to the city coffers, and we would like to have the same services as our more affluent neighbors. I am disappointed that this current administration cannot or will not provide for the residents and business owners north of Ninth Street.



Bay Club Condominium Association

Ocean City

Voting-rights ruling

a step back for U.S.

Like many others, I am delighted by the Supreme Court's ruling regarding the civil rights and the right of equality for gay married couples. It is about time.

However, for me, this celebration has been overshadowed by the nauseating decision that gutted the historic Voting Rights Act. To grant freedom to one segment of our country is a victory. To endanger the hard-earned victories of another minority is heart-wrenching. To come so far and yet step back hundreds of years is not in the best interest of all U.S. citizens.



Cartoon insulted

all U.S. Marines

I am a Marine - admittedly an old one, but as the saying goes, "Once a Marine, always a Marine" - and I would like to express my outrage and disgust at the cartoon accompanying the June 19 column, "Alcohol fuels military sexual assaults."

The illustration depicts what looks like the flag raising over Iwo Jima by five Marines and one Navy corpsman, but they are peeking up a female soldier's skirt. Nearly 7,000 Marines and corpsmen died and more than 21,000 were wounded on Iwo Jima to protect the right of this "artist" to display that despicable cartoon. Whoever is responsible for this owes every Marine an apology.


Egg Harbor Township

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