Same-sex marriage

undermines humanity

In light of the recent Supreme Court decisions, the July 1 Press editorial endorsing gay marriage in New Jersey, and being called bigots by letter writers, we would like to share a Catholic perspective on marriage.

God is love itself. He creates us to share in his love. And God wants there to be a particularly unique and special love between a man and a woman. This love brings them to complete human unity and enables them to participate with him in the creation of additional persons to share his love with.

Pope John Paul II observed that the very physiology of humans indicates that we are incomplete in ourselves. We need another of the opposite sex. A new life, a new person to love, may issue from this union. Two become one flesh most literally in the procreation of a new life.

Same-sex marriage lacks the two essential elements of marriage, complete unity and creative love, while having at its very core behavior that is morally wrong, as attested to by God, his son Jesus and his church.

The Catholic Church teaches that homosexual people must be accepted with respect, and that they are called to fulfill God's will in their lives and to live chaste lives. But our respect does not include accepting invalid arguments.

We are told that supporting same-sex marriage overcomes discrimination, is loving and compassionate and helps children. But marriage between a man and a woman does not inflict harm on anyone. Rather it performs an essential role in the stability, health and survival of society. Same-sex couples demand to be called "married" is like claiming a heritage one does not possess. Furthermore, same-sex marriage discriminates against children, for children benefit by having both a father and a mother.

This is a terribly serious matter. Marriage should not be redefined. As Pope Benedict XVI warned, "Policies which undermine the family threaten human dignity and the future of humanity itself."



Ocean City

We the people

are now ignored

Due to the direction that the president and the Supreme Court are taking America, I find it difficult to write something positive about this administration. When I look at the recent decisions by the Supreme Court and the policies of the president, it makes me nauseous. What ever happened to "we the people?"

California voted in Proposition 8, which was overturned by the courts.

The Supreme Court found a way to legalize the Affordable Care Act.

As to the president's policies, he pushed through TARP, the stimulus and the Affordable Care Act and is now pressuring for amnesty for illegals. The majority of voters do not favor any of these decisions or policies.

Forget "we the people." There are only a few people running this country, and they could care less about the opinions of the knowledgeable voting public.


Mays Landing

Loud car stereos

annoying in Pleasantville

Too much noise is a huge problem in Pleasantville.

I live in Pleasantville Towers, and it seems to me that every time a car or truck passes here, it is playing music loud enough for everyone to hear. Even with my windows closed, I can hear that booming bass. It's gotten to be too much.

People play their music with their car windows open all day and into the night. It's pretty inconsiderate that some people don't know when to turn it down. And public officials haven't done a thing about it.

I wonder if the drivers can hear what or who is around them. If they can't, they could be hit by another car, or they could hit someone trying to cross the street. This is not good for anyone.

Pleasantville officials need to enforce noise ordinances, if there are any. No one should be forced to put up with someone else's loud stereo at 2 a.m.



Moving dog park

is right thing to do

Regarding the June 29 story, "Brigantine upsets dog owners by suddenly closing their park":

While everyone seems to agree with all the dog owners having someplace to socialize, when do the homeowners get to socialize in their own backyards without hearing the dogs and their owners day after day?

Kudos to City Council for admitting its mistake in putting the park in the wrong place from the start and doing the right thing by closing it. I don't see any of the dog owners offering their backyards for the park.



We're dog owners,

but park had to move

Regarding the June 29 story, "Brigantine upsets dog owners by suddenly closing their park":

We are the owners of a rescued 12-year-old boxer who gets considerable pleasure from dog parks, even at his advanced age. That being said, we would never ask that someone's quality of life or property value suffer as a result of our dog's pleasure.

Moving the Brigantine dog park from its current location to the Community Center would still allow all our dogs to play without compromising the rights of property owners. To love dogs and to want to move the dog park are not mutually exclusive.




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