U.S. Postal Service

mismanaged for years

The U.S. Postal Service employees union has been advertising on TV that the cost of operating the service is completely covered by the purchase of stamps with no burden on the taxpayers. But for many, many years, the USPS has been mismanaged both internally and by government oversight.

It would not have taken a lot of intelligence years ago to see the impact that the private sector (UPS, FedEx, etc.) and computer technology would have on the Postal Service. How many years has the Postal Service been "thinking" about dropping Saturday delivery? How about making it only three times a week?

And about not costing the taxpayers a cent for its mismanagement? The Postal Service has lost more than $3.2 billion so far this fiscal year. How does it continue to operate?

I suppose it operates under the assumption that eventually its ever-increasing debt will have to be forgiven, unless of course we pay $2 or $3 to mail a letter. That'll be the day.



A.C. taxes increase,

but city services do not

I have reread my new tax bill at least three times, and each time I ask myself: What am I getting in return for this ridiculously high tax increase?

Is my street being cleaned every week? No. Is there more of a police presence? No. Smaller classes in the schools? No. Innovative programs in our schools? I don't think so.

Are Atlantic and Pacific avenues spruced up and more welcoming? No. The floating dock at Albany Avenue replaced after Sandy? No. Boarded-up buildings being torn down? No.

The list could go on and on.

All we are getting are more of Mayor Lorenzo Langford's friends being hired even though a freeze is supposed to be on.

When will things get better for the residents of Atlantic City?


Atlantic City

Where do loyalties lie

in Atlantic County GOP?

As a veteran, a conservative Republican and a supporter of Steve Lonegan, I am asking all Atlantic County Republican leaders to publicly announce their endorsement in the senatorial primary.

I also am asking Will Pauls, the Republican candidate for freeholder at-large, if he is going to support Lonegan or Democrat Cory Booker in the Senate race, since Pauls' union - the Southern New Jersey Building and Construction Trades Council - unanimously backed Booker.


Mays Landing

Guardian has ability

to transform A.C.

I am a longtime Republican friend and admirer of Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford. He speaks well and loves Atlantic City - but he does not know how to properly organize and administer a city of this size and importance for the benefit of its citizens, its visitors or its prosperity.

I lived or worked in Atlantic City for 47 years beginning in 1953. I have been a field engineer for the electric company and a manager for a local fuel-oil distribution company, so I have known intimately the financial and infrastructure problems of this city's residents, as few others have.

I also have been an active community person - president of the Atlantic City Jaycees, a member of the chamber of commerce and the Metropolitan Business & Citizens Association, president of the Atlantic City Rotary Club, and a member for more than 20 years and a former president of the Salvation Army board. I also have organized more than 20 Boardwalk parades.

In my opinion, Republican mayoral candidate Don Guardian has demonstrated his ability to get the job done in his role as head of the Special Improvement Division of the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority.

His staff is lean and well-led from supervisor to soldier. Our Boardwalk restrooms are clean. Our Boardwalk Ambassadors bring us daily praise from visitors. And within the SID area, the streets are clean and landscaped.

I have known and worked with Guardian for about 20 years over many parades and many Rotary functions, during which I have found him to be a superb organizer and budgeter. He's a difficult taskmaster but an easy guy to work for - if you get it right.

Guardian is the man Atlantic City needs to clean up City Hall in Atlantic City, operate the city as a business and get spending and taxes under control.



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