How dare Cape May

shortchange students

I write this on behalf of the young people being educated in Cape May County, the second poorest county in New Jersey.

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We all know that one of the best ways out of poverty is through an excellent education. Therefore, when I, as a resident of Cape May city, watch our City Council and mayor put their energies, management skills and our taxpayer money into hiring a lawyer for the purpose of reducing our share of support for the Lower Cape May Regional School District, I am appalled. The increased tax burden would fall on the backs of our poorer communities.

In Cape May we have priced ourselves out of a family community into a community of a dwindling number of year-round residents and an increasing number of mainly second-home vacation mansions. Taxes are the key to democracy, and education is a top priority.


Cape May

A.C. should get to work

on code enforcement

Regarding the July 7 story, "Atlantic City lags in code enforcement long after plan to remedy problem":

The city is resisting the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority's offer to fund new code inspectors who would focus on the Tourism District. I would suggest that the city accept the funds, fill the positions with competent people, and do good work in the district. Maybe by doing so some trust can be built in the minds and hearts of those city watchers who have not had enough to believe in from the current administration.



Homosexuality is part

of humanity, too

Regarding the July 9 letter, "Same-sex marriage undermines humanity":

Humanity is the state of being human. Some humans are born with different eye colors, some with different skin colors; some are born heterosexual, and some homosexual. Our country was founded on the tenet that all men are created equal. Our country also separates church and state. This means that civil laws are not enacted to suit a particular religion's belief. Like it or not, civil marriage in our country is a matter of civil law and therefore a civil right independent of religion.

The Supreme Court was absolutely right in its decision to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act as unconstitutional. To deny civil rights and the benefits of civil marriage solely because of sexual orientation is discriminatory.

Yes, I know the Bible. And the Bible condones slavery. Our country has decided that slavery is a violation of civil rights regardless of whether it's in the Bible or not. Nor does allowing same-sex marriage have anything to do with severing parental rights or discriminating against children. No harm has been proven to come to children whose biological parents, for whatever reason, have given up their rights and the children have been adopted by same-sex couples.

Some of those unborn children whose rights the letter writers no doubt fight for might very well turn out to be gay. That's part of humanity, whether they approve or not. These children still deserve equal rights.

Let individuals decide for themselves whether they want to marry and whom they want to marry. I'm betting that God loves us all.



A.C. did nice job

updating playground

I want to thank the Atlantic City Department of Parks and Playgrounds for updating the playground on the corner of Dover and Crossan avenues in Chelsea Heights. The new look catches everyone's attention. Stop and take a look.


Atlantic City

Students' home lives

are the key problem

Regarding the July 9 column by Eli Broad, "We must fix how we train teachers":

The author indicated that children don't do well in school because of ill-prepared teachers. While this may be true in some cases, the overwhelming reason for children not doing well in scholastics is their home situation.

Parents who insist on charter schools or vouchers and the politicians who cater to them are taking money from all of our children's educations.


Egg Harbor Township

Decorate lifeguard stands

to help lost children

I live in the Wildwoods, and our beach is long and wide. It would be nice to see each lifeguard stand decorated with maybe a blue dolphin, a pink elephant, a star, a beach ball or something that children can recognize. It would help them know where they are when they get lost and help families know where to meet.



Too hot to sleep?

Try Indian method

The July 8 article, "Scientists tell why heat wave is so dangerous," reminded me of how I once learned to sleep comfortably at a respectable hotel in Madras (now Chennai), India, one of the hottest places on the planet.

Each hotel room had a slowly revolving ceiling fan over the bed, which had an oilcloth mattress cover. It was too hot for sheets or pajamas. Next to each bed was a bucket of water, in which one doused a body-length towel. Covered by the wet towel, I slept comfortably until all the water had evaporated, at which time I was jolted awake to re-immerse the towel.

This happened perhaps 10 times during the night. Daytimes were another story.


Egg Harbor City

Traffic lights in A.C.

still aren't synchronized?

Every few years since the opening of Resorts International Casino Hotel in 1978, there has been talk on radio and in newspapers about synchronizing the traffic lights in Atlantic City - most recently again in a Pinky Kravitz column.

It's amazing that 35 years have gone by, and Atlantic City still has not found the person that knows how to do this.



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