Immigration reform

just another giveaway

Regarding the May 30 column by Lanhee Chen, "Republicans must give immigrants path to citizenship":

Chen is really asking Congress to do the same thing our representatives have done in the past - give the country away. This diminishes the citizenship my grandfather, grandmother, mother and ex-wife earned.

My grandfather earned his citizenship by fighting for our country during World War II. My mother, who came here from Italy, gave up her Italian citizenship when she came of age. My ex-wife went to the classes, took the test and paid to become a citizen of this country.

Why is it people want to put illegal immigrants above those who have earned the right of citizenship by going through the proper procedures?

This is a waste of taxpayer money. It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to pass a bill, and our government has no intention of enforcing its provisions.


Galloway Township

Theaters, advertise

your movie times

Regarding the May 15 story, "Restoring shore movie houses/Ocean City theaters to reopen with $800,000 in upgrades":

I would like to see the theaters use some of that money for advertising in the newspaper to tell people what is currently playing and at what time. I realize the theater owners hope people will go online for that information. A lot of us older moviegoers are not that well-versed with the Internet. Any other "golden oldies" out there who miss that information printed in the daily paper?


Ocean City

Ocean City already

squeezes enough money

Regarding the May 24 story, "Ocean City wants Boardwalk musicians to get permits":

I guess Ocean City doesn't suck enough money in taxes from the poor residents. Now some want to reach out to street musicians.

It is bad enough these musicians can't find jobs in a community where the only thing that matters is who you know.

What's next? If someone starts painting an ocean scene, are you going to consider charging them, too?


Egg Harbor Township

Americans ignoring

danger of North Korea

North Korea worries me, probably more than it does most Americans. Personally, I think most Americans can't find North Korea on a map. There are a lot of moronic comments about North Korea out there.

First of all, anyone who suggests using nuclear weapons against North Korea isn't thinking straight. There is a problem with this - fallout. When you drop a nuclear bomb, the radiation spreads all over the place, and it doesn't discriminate what it poisons in its path. Dropping a nuclear bomb on North Korea could spread fallout that could easily reach Alaska, Japan and China.

I also wonder what precaution North Korea is taking against the potential of a Chernobyl-like accident. And if people think such a disaster would be a solution to the crisis with North Korea, they are wrong again because of the fallout it would bring.

Kim Jong-un wants his country to be known as a nuclear power. I say we recognize him as nuclear power and even ease some of the economic sanctions on his county, on the condition he allows a panel of inspectors into his country to inspect his nuclear facilities to see if he is following proper safety guidelines.

But I believe this will never happen.



Summer is coming,

and baseball is back

We are excited that the Atlantic County Baseball League has begun its season. Let's face it, what's better on a nice summer evening than being outside watching a baseball game?

But we are disappointed that the Northfield team has disbanded. Birch Grove Park is a great venue and convenient for us, but we will try to get to the games being played around the county.

It was fun to watch the Cardinals play and exciting to be there when they won the championship. So thank you to all the guys who played, coached and managed the team. We will miss you.



Egg Harbor Township

It's the administration,

•ot Fox News, that lies

Regarding the May 31 letter, "You won't get truth watching Fox News":

Wow, the Kool-Aid is getting pretty potent on the left. Critics of Fox News call their reporters liars but never have any specifics. Why then, does Fox News consistently obliterate the competition? Just because you don't like the truth doesn't make it a lie.

The current administration has been caught in so many lies we are becoming desensitized to this perjury. The left still controls most news outlets, print media and Hollywood. But listen to them yelp like scalded dogs when they become the target of an out-of-control bloated government. The shoe pinches when it is on the other foot.

With the number of available news outlets, from TV to the Internet, you have to be smart enough to separate the truth from fiction. I just hope I don't get audited for writing this.


Little Egg Harbor Township

Anti-Fox News diatribe

misrepresented tea party

Regarding the May 31 letter, "You won't get truth watching Fox News":

This withering diatribe against Fox News is startlingly myopic, and the writer is guilty of the same crimes he accuses Fox of.

Should we all be of one political ideology? Should we all fall in line behind the president and his ilk and march lockstep toward wherever it is he is leading us? Perhaps the writer ought to turn off MSNBC for a minute and read about what the "tea party crazies" are fundamentally about.

TEA stands for Taxed Enough Already. The president and his administration think that the large majority of this country should be paying more to a government (and a woefully corrupt Internal Revenue Service) to deliver services many of us do not need or want. Apparently the writer would sanction the Justice Department's efforts to spy on, harass and intimidate political opposition and nonsycophantic members of the Fourth Estate. I would hope not.

Fox News has been targeted by the Department of Justice. Fox News is the media outlet that followed the Benghazi situation to uncover ineptitude and feckless leadership at best, dereliction of duty at worst. It is hardly an organization of propagandists. The writer should learn the difference between commentators and journalists.

Maybe, contrary to President Barack Obama's lofty, high-minded rhetoric, there are two Americas - the way they think and the way we think.


Galloway Township

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