Is that taxpayers' milk

kids aren't finishing?

Regarding the June 3 article, "Egg Harbor City pupils dump milk, save cartons from landfill," about the Charles L. Spragg Elementary School students who are emptying used milk cartoons in a bucket so the cartons can be recycled:

Giving children responsibilities via a job is a valuable teaching tool, and showing them the importance of recycling is also a positive lesson. But after reading the principal's statement that "kids don't finish their milk," I have to wonder just how much of the discarded milk is part of our government's free-lunch program paid for by hard-working taxpayers.

And don't forget the cows that suffer in factory farms to produce it.

Our government claims one in six people in this country are "hunger-challenged." Baloney.


Mays Landing

Loss of trees upsetting

in parkway project

I was away during the winter, but my family and friends kept me informed about what was happening with the overpass being built on the Garden State Parkway in Middle Township. When I got back, it was shocking and sad to see the number of trees that were gone and replaced by empty space.

Cape May County has always been very special to me - a little quieter, a little more rural, a place where birds and butterflies are still welcome.

I know the overpass had to be built. We have been waiting for it for many years. I believe in progress. But please don't take everything away from us in the name of progress.



A.C. needs exhibits

from Phila. Art Museum

Regarding the recent discussions about art and Atlantic City:

Art could be a huge draw to Atlantic City if the exhibition were a collection from the famous Philadelphia Art Museum. I'm a frequent visitor to that city's great art exhibits, and thousands are drawn to that museum, as well as the famous Barnes Foundation museum.

Of course, a fine-arts exhibit from the Philadelphia Museum of Art would indeed be a draw in Atlantic City. The museum also offers student classes and other amenities, so it could be an educational tool as well.


Atlantic City

Traffic flow much better

at LPGA tournament

I am not sure who the thank-you should go to, but I want to thank whoever is responsible for keeping Route 9 open during the recent ShopRite LPGA Classic at Stockton Seaview Hotel & Golf Club.

Whether it was Seaview, tournament organizers or the Galloway Township Police Department - thank you. This was a far superior plan than what was implemented in past years. The time I spent waiting for the pedestrians to cross Route 9 was much shorter than the time spent circumnavigating the detour that existed in the past.


Galloway Township

USPS strong-arming

business customers

The U.S. Postal Service is intentionally misleading area shopping malls and other businesses, telling them that if they don't immediately switch over to a "centralized delivery unit" in their facilities that Congress will pass legislation mandating the change. The Postal Service is telling these businesses that if they make the change now it will not cost them upward of $1,200 per box. In other words, if you don't act today, the deal will be gone tomorrow.

The USPS is counting on such fear tactics, knowing there is no such legislation pending, and that when it was offered last year, only two members of Congress thought it was a good idea. What's next? Telling grandmom and pop-pop they will need to go five or six blocks to get their mail in all kinds of weather?

It is time for merchants associations and senior groups to tell Congress and the Postal Service that taking away service is not a way to grow the business and that the Postal Service should stop using such strong-arm tactics.



Cape-Atlantic Branch 903

National Association of Letter Carriers

Mays Landing

Price was shocking

for needed antibiotic

Regarding the May 27 letter, "Mark-up on drugs is unconscionable":

I am a 90-year-old retired meat cutter and a disabled veteran. I recently was diagnosed with a severe bacteriological infection. My doctor prescribed the antibiotic Dificid to knock out this bug. Rite-Aid was the only pharmacy in the area that stocked this drug at a whopping price of $2,473.81. It was pay or die.

Little did I know 70 years ago while fighting on Guadalcanal that this was the way American servicemen would be treated. I wonder what a Japanese pharmacy would charge?



New Revel dog policy

will drive away some

Regarding the May 26 article, "Revel opens hotel to dogs and their owners":

This policy may backfire because a significant percentage of people suffer from an abnormal fear of dogs - cynophobia.

Unlike other common irrational fears like claustrophobia or acrophobia, most people who suffer from cynophobia suffer in silence to avoid misunderstandings with dog owners. So few people know about this fear.

However, people with this condition will do anything to avoid areas where dogs are allowed.


Middle Township

Christie wasting money

with special election

I am wondering why Gov. Chris Christie decided to spend an extra $12 million of our taxpayer dollars to have the election to replace Sen. Frank Lautenberg on a Wednesday in October. Wednesday? October? Why not have it on the regular Election Day in November?

Is Christie worried about having his name on the same ballot with perhaps someone like Cory Booker?

Did he find a bunch of money he didn't know what else to do with? If so, I have a few suggestions, governor.


Somers Point


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