Wildwood dress code

doesn't make sense

Regarding the May 29 story, "Wildwood to vote on droopy-pants Boardwalk ban":

I am a year-round resident of Wildwood. I live one block from the Boardwalk, and each year I look forward to the summer season.

This proposed ban on baggy pants is laughable. Instead of worrying about such trivial matters, how about focusing on the drug problem in this city? Or the deplorable condition of our streets?

Wildwood is not aimed at families. It is geared toward adults and their pleasures. Ever notice how almost every event is sponsored by booze?

The dirty T-shirt shops, the bars, the animal houses, the honky tonk, party-hardy atmosphere always have been part of Wildwood's reputation. A ban on saggy pants won't change that.

Wildwood is not Cape May. It's not Ocean City, Avalon or Stone Harbor, either, and it never will be. Wildwood is in a class all its own and always has been.



Public shouldn't pay

to teach religious beliefs

Regarding the May 30 letter, "Catholics already pay twice for education":

This is a prime example of how religious fanatics either don't understand the Constitution or prefer to ignore it.

The writer's assertion that the government should pay for Catholic education is another attempt by religious leaders to rewrite the Constitution with their own religious dogma. I'm sure he would be quick to scream if Muslims and atheists wanted the government to pay to have children indoctrinated in their beliefs.

The fact that the writer is involved in teaching children is scary. Maybe someone needs to give him some lessons on the Constitution with special emphasis on the separation of church and state.

Enjoy your religion. Educate your children in religious schools. Those freedoms are guaranteed under our Constitution, but don't expect me and other taxpayers to help you indoctrinate young children into your particular religion at our expense.


Somers Point

Some jobs are dangerous,

but eye protection helps

Regarding the May 28 story, "Building, fishing among most dangerous U.S. jobs":

Having worked in construction for 40 years, I read this story with great interest.

Of course, the accompanying photo shows part of the problem. The young man in that photo is cutting concrete blocks with either a diamond or carborundum blade and wearing no eye protection whatsoever.

If the worker lacks the common sense to protect his eyes, it is up to the foreman or owner of the company to correct him. Eye injuries are a common problem in construction, but one that can be easily avoided.


Cape May

More trash cans needed

to help keep A.C. clean

As Atlantic City residents, we can see the Tourism District becoming cleaner, and this is encouraging.

However, there are certain areas that are missing trash cans. All jitney stops need trash cans. As we walk our neighborhood near Bella condominium, we see a lot of trash on the ground by the corner of Revel at the jitney stop at Oriental and New Jersey avenues, where there are no cans.

Also, where are the trash cans on the beach in front of Showboat between the pier and the lifeguard stand? Not a trash can in sight.

We want to keep seeing the city improve so that it can be "America's Great Seashore Resort," as once claimed by the Pennsylvania Railroad.



Atlantic City

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