Bush - not Obama -

endangered Americans

Regarding the May 27 letter, "Obama fiddles while U.S. fumes":

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I especially like the letter writer's phrase about President Barack Obama "abandoning Americans in danger and creating a phony scenario," regarding Benghazi. How about putting Americans in danger and creating a phony scenario to the tune of almost 4,500 dead and more than 32,000 maimed and wounded in Iraq, not to mention more than $9 billion lost or unaccounted for? It was former President George W. Bush and his shoot-from-the-hip policies that exacerbated the financial mess we find ourselves in.

In contrast, it must seem like Obama's deliberate and thoughtful style is fiddling, and to think he got elected twice. May I suggest the real robots are watching Fox News.

Ultimately, however, I agree with the last part of the letter writer's ideology-driven rant: "We have met the enemy, and he is us." Indeed.



Revel and Showboat

only small-dog friendly

The May 26 article, "Revel opens hotel to dogs, and their owners," was misleading. Neither Revel nor Showboat is truly dog friendly. They are only small-dog friendly.

This is almost false advertising since neither I nor my two large dogs are welcome. My dogs are large, but they are well-traveled, well-behaved, clean, gentle and get along with other dogs and people. I don't understand why, if these casino hotels call themselves dog friendly, all dogs are not welcome.


Cape May

U.S. can't solve

Mideast's problems

Time and again, the United States has become mired in the politics of the Middle East in order to protect our business interests in that part of the world. In the meantime, the Arab Spring movement to free countries from dictators has made painful progress. U.S. leaders and our people should know by now that solving the Middle East's problems has not and will not be our call, no matter how we have tried to intervene.

We have made military sacrifices and covert invasive efforts to "democratize" to no avail. Spilling our soldiers' blood and spending billions of our taxpayers' money has not changed the situation.

Sending humanitarian aid can never be disputed, but we Americans must face the fact that we will be sucked into the mire of death and destruction, drain our own monetary resources, and become a second-class nation if we continue this path. We need to take care of our own hard-working people, protect our shores, energetically encourage peace talks and stay out of the troubled Middle East.


Cape May Court House

U.S. must regulate

compounding pharmacies

Regarding the May 24 article, "N.J. hires expert on pharma manufacturing":

It is great to see that New Jersey Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa is investigating New Jersey's compounding industry, following his investigation of Med-Prep in Tinton Falls for negligence and misconduct.

From what is already known of the compounding industry, regulatory oversight is the only way to protect public health. N.J. Public Interest Research Group's "Prescription for Danger" report shows that five compounding pharmacies in New Jersey have been cited by the Food and Drug Administration for multiple violations during the last 10 years, including Med-Prep. Though the mold contamination found this year was startling, it is even more dismaying to realize the problem could have been addressed after Med-Prep's citation in 2010 for unsanitary manufacturing.

Bad practices persist at compounding pharmacies because of legal loopholes that allow them to avoid the safety and oversight requirements that apply to Big Pharma. Until Congress takes action, the FDA will be unable to address the threat that compounding pharmacies present to public health.


N.J. Public Interest

Research Group


Obama isn't to blame

for everything that happens

President Barack Obama is a human being, just like all of us on this Earth. Now he is being blamed for the Internal Revenue Service's treatment of tea party groups, the Benghazi killings and the Justice Department's seizure of Associated Press telephone records.

Why stop there? Allergies are bad this year because of the heavy pollen. You drank too much last night and woke up with a hangover. Blame Obama. Your kids aren't doing well in school. You lost your job. Your house is in foreclosure. Blame Obama.

And don't forget the terrorist attack in Boston, Hurricane Sandy and the tornadoes that tore through Moore, Okla. Blame Obama.

People need to get a grip. Obama is a human being, not God.

If you are lucky enough to have a job, do you know everything that's going on with that job, even if you're the CEO? The answer is no. If you have a home and there are people living with you, do you know everything that's happening in your home. The answer is no.

No human being knows everything. Stop playing the blame game. It's ridiculous. The fact is, sometimes bad things happen.


Atlantic City

Golfers, too, use

diversion tactics

It's called "diversion." The White House uses it in embarrassing situations, and golfers use it, too.

For example, Sergio Garcia, tied for the lead in The Players Championship, took a 7 on the 17th hole and blew himself out of the tournament. Garcia hit three balls into the water. What an embarrassment. Garcia had tried to needle Tiger Woods but it backfired. Tiger won the Players by 2 strokes.

Next Garcia tried the fried-chicken slur and then apologized profusely - more getting his name in the press and another cheap shot. The U.S. Open will be played soon at Merion Golf Club. For Garcia's sake, I hope there won't be many water hazards.

Tiger Woods, at 37, has 78 PGA tour victories. He is the No. 1 player in the world. Envy abounds.



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