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approved Banks' position

Regarding the June 7 article, "A.C. audit shows less wasteful spending":

I was pleased to see that 39 of the 40 recommendations were partially or completely met.

Yet the nonissue of Cheryl Banks' pay and position was once again spotlighted in paragraph three.

A May 2, 2011, Press article on Banks' salary and position said, "The Department of Community Affairs, which recently began overseeing Atlantic City's finances, approved the raise and said the arrangement does not appear to violate state statute."

I wonder why this persists in being a focus of coverage.

In addition, I noticed that Assemblyman Chris Brown, R-Atlantic, was quoted as being pleased with the city's progress in looking out for its taxpayers. But our assemblyman watchdog makes no mention of his governor's $24 million squandering of taxpayer money by scheduling a special U.S. Senate primary for August and a special election in October three weeks before the general election.


Atlantic City

Make historic change

- send Lonegan to Senate

New Jersey voters now have a chance to make a notable impact in the U.S. Senate. With the passing of Sen. Frank Lautenberg, Gov. Chris Christie has called for a special election to fill the late senator's seat. This is all-out war, especially among the Democrats. But that doesn't matter. What matters is the candidate on the other side of the aisle.

In 2008, a man named Steve Lonegan challenged Christie in the gubernatorial primary and received 42 percent of the Republican vote. This 42 percent was a cry from the people of New Jersey who want to see our state returned to fiscal responsibility. Although he did not win that election, chance has a way of its own, and as of right now I foresee a bright future for Lonegan, who is running for the Republican nomination in the Senate primary.

If you look at his record, if you listen to him speak, if you observe his convictions, you will see that Lonegan is a real-deal small-government, low-regulation, low-tax, maximum-prosperity conservative. New Jersey is overrun by moderates from both parties. They all seem to come from the same mold. If you think Christie is a "tell it like it is" person, you should take a good look at Lonegan.

The opposition is strong, but for once I feel as though there is an election in my home state that could translate to change on a grand scale. Given Lonegan's background, I could easily imagine him joining the likes of Sens. Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz in their crusades to fight the debt-ceiling increase, eliminate wasteful bureaucracies and bring us back to sound fiscal policies.

So won't you take a chance, New Jersey?


North Wildwood

Eliminate tolls,

parking fees for A.C.

Atlantic City had a monopoly when legal gambling began 35 years ago. Now all the neighboring states have gaming. Why should someone drive two hours and incur the cost of fuel, tolls and parking fees if a person can access a casino 15 minutes from his/her home? The Atlantic City gaming daytripper has all but disappeared.

In addition to adding other attractions, the casinos and the appropriate authorities should make it less costly to visit Atlantic City.

Eliminate all Atlantic City Expressway tolls. Or alternatively, establish one toll-free day each week. Within a short time, it will be easy to determine whether this model produces additional visitors.

And eliminate all casino parking fees. The current competitive environment requires innovation. The stakes are huge. Let's get creative and make getting to and staying in Atlantic City more user-friendly.



No way can Lonegan

defeat Cory Booker

Aspiring Republican senatorial candidate Steve Lonegan is quoted as saying, "If Cory Booker manages to beat Frank Pallone and goes to campaign against me, I'm going to teach him what a real street fight is." Lonegan is right. Booker will manage to beat Pallone. But Lonegan has about as much chance of beating Booker as the Sixers do of winning the NBA championship anytime soon.

Lonegan talks a good game - but from as far, far right field as he can be.

He advocates dismantling the Internal Revenue Service (an admittedly easy target these days), but c'mon. He also rails against the government obtaining phone-call information from Verizon (another easy target). However, if he investigates further, he'll find that no one's private conversations are being listened in on, unless you're carrying on a running conversation with a foreigner on the nation's terrorist list. This was all part of the anti-terrorism legislation that came about after 9/11, so it really isn't anything new.

And, Lonegan wants to require alcohol and drug testing for recipients of welfare, another easy target, especially of conservatives whose big battle cry is always against the have-nots of the country.

Even the Republican Party has backed away from Lonegan, because he is considered outside the establishment.

The winner of Gov. Chris Christie's $12 million special election in October will be Cory Booker. Pallone and Rush Holt are admirable candidates, but they simply do not have the star power surrounding Booker. And as long as Mark Zuckerberg is among those ready to jump in to provide money for Booker, Lonegan will descend back to the political level that produced candidates like Seth Grossman, another candidate with grand ideas but little political savvy.



TV station ignored

Tropical Storm Andrea

It's always amazing how TV stations can focus on petty injustices they allege others commit, but seem oblivious to their own shortcomings.

Case in point was the June 7 storm, a matter of much concern to flood-weary coastal residents. One Philadelphia station chose to offer nonstop coverage of a tennis match from Paris rather than breaking in with an occasional storm update by its well-respected and trusted regular weatherman.

Given the recent catastrophic damage here from Sandy, one would think the show's producers would be more sensitive to the concerns of shore residents about our season's first named tropical system.


Wildwood Crest


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