Well-run crab harvest

wouldn't hurt birds

Regarding the June 16 letter, "Why can't baymen and birds coexist?":

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I thoroughly enjoyed this letter, which hit the nail squarely on the head, and I am in complete agreement on the writer's logic. The previous letter that scoffed at the 34 baymen who held harvest permits disregarded these guys who have to depend on the crabs for their own livelihood plus the many others who need them to bait their eel and conch pots. A well-regulated harvest would allow everyone to live and pay their bills.

In the past, truckloads of crabs were taken out of state and that was wrong. If the crabs that were harvested now were strictly used to supply our fishermen, everyone could survive. Another thing the bird people don't understand is that the crab eggs are not the only food source for shore birds. If you don't believe me, just visit any tidal flats at low tide and all the shore birds are gulping up the marine life that is present, whatever it may be.

I am not against those who enjoy bird watching, but as a former bayman and the father of a son who supplements his income by eeling, I believe a compromise could be reached that would allow everyone to enjoy our natural resources together.



Atlantic City unrivaled

as vacation destination

Kudos to Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford and his team of Police Chief Ernest Jubilee, Fire Chief Dennis Brooks, Director of Emergency Management Tom Foley and others for their dedication in keeping Atlantic City a successful and safe place for a family vacation.

Atlantic City has the God-given venue of beach and Boardwalk and the officials and casinos to capitalize on it. Atlantic City is not just about casinos.

The "Do AC" promo has proven that Atlantic City is the perfect vacation destination for thousands of tourists. What other location offers so much fun? And most events are free.

Special accolades to the members of the Catanoso family of Steel Pier for their efforts to make Atlantic City a true family-friendly vacation stop. Their generosity to the city's school children by rewarding perfect attendance with free rides is much appreciated. Steel Pier is a class-act amusement park for residents and visitors.

Atlantic City is not back; it never left.


Easton, Pa.

Fox is the only network

that reports the truth

Regarding the June 18 letter, "If you're seeking truth, try 'The Daily Show'":

The writer, who states she gets her objective journalism from the lamestream media, such as ABC, "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report, must be living under a rock or she is drinking too much Kool-Aid.

These networks will not report anything that does not show President Barack Obama in a favorable way. It took them weeks to report on Benghazi, and we still do not have the details of this event or of the Internal Revenue Service scandal. It also took them forever to report on the Fast and Furious scandal involving Eric Holder. They deliberately skirt the truth if they mention these happenings at all.

Fox reported on these issues immediately. I can always depend on Fox News, which the writer portrays at "non-objective, hateful, fear mongers who cannot tell a fact from a opinion." She is 100 percent wrong. The reporters and analysts on Fox have many times requested listeners to let them know when they have reported something that is not true. This has not happened. Fox beats all networks, cable and local news every night in ratings, but those on the left will not admit that. Fox must be doing something right.



Christie Senate decision

leads to one-man rule

Regarding recent letters opposing the date of the special election to fill U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg's vacant seat:

Gov. Chris Christie has the power to appoint someone to fill the vacant seat until the next regular election. According to the United States Constitution, he has no right to set a different date for the election. The Constitution states, in the first article, "The time, places, and manner of holding an election for senators and representatives shall be reserved in each state by the legislature." The New Jersey Constitution states that "the governor has the power to fill any vacancy from New Jersey that may occur in the United States Senate." It does not give him the power to move the election to a separate date. This seat could be voted on in the general election, saving millions of dollars.

Christie is not interested in saving the taxpayers money, and when questioned concerning the cost of the election, his response was, "I don't care what the cost is."

I worked in a foreign country ruled by a dictator for seven years. His word was law. Despite opposition from the Legislature, the governor has insisted on following his own agenda. If he is successful in accomplishing this, then we are headed in the same direction - one-man rule.



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