Offensive political cartoon

insulted service members

Regarding the political cartoon accompanying the June 19 column by Elizabeth Robbins, "Alcohol fuels military sexual assaults":

Your publication of this cartoon, which associates the issue of sexual assault with the five Marines and one Navy corpsman who raised the flag on Iwo Jima in 1945 is contemptible. The cartoonist should be ashamed, and you should have more sense than to publish such an affront to those brave souls who fought and died on those islands during the war in the Pacific.

Yes, the military services have a problem with unwanted sexual contacts in the ranks, and it must be aggressively addressed through command structures at all levels. Let's leave the memory of heroic Marines out of the fray.


Ocean City

High school's influence

is no laughing matter

Regarding the June 19 article, "Buena Class of '13 praised for commitment":

While I am ecstatic to be mentioned in the paper after all of my hard work, I believe I was misquoted or at least misunderstood. In the article it says, "Salutatorian James Sabatini, of Newfield in Gloucester County, told some jokes in his speech. First he said the high school building was his tattoo. 'It's sure left its mark on us,' he said."

That metaphor was not meant as a joke. I believe that high school has a permanent, lasting impression on a person for the rest of his or her life, analogous to a tattoo. For some, high school was a struggle, and the experience may have left lasting physical scars they will carry for all of their lives. Aside from the "no one reads anymore" comment, my speech was meant to be serious and reflective on our time at Buena Regional.



Absegami's decision

ruined graduation

Well, three strikes and you're out for Absegami High School Principal Jeri-Lynn Gatto.

For the past two years, she has made poor judgment calls about graduation and has ruined the day for family, friends and, of course, the graduates. Maybe running Absegami should be left to someone more qualified.

This year's graduation was absolutely shameful. Gatto should definitely be ashamed of herself. She didn't seem to have a Plan B. It was chaos, with many parents angry and very upset about not seeing their children receive their diplomas. They will never get that day back. What was Gatto's reasoning for not postponing the event? Did she have someplace to go on Monday?

How does she plan to fix this?



Only lower the flag

for our true heroes

When did it become fashionable to fly our flag at half staff for every Tom, Dick and Harry? I thought this honor was reserved for heroes, those who actually have done something above and beyond the call of duty - our people in the military or people who save lives, such as police officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians or doctors.

Aside from being a good actor, how did James Gandolfini rate such an honor? I enjoyed his acting as much as anyone, and I am saddened by his death, but what did he do for the sake of mankind?

A few months back, pro basketball player Jason Collins came out of the closet. He was called a hero. He is not a hero, but an ordinary person being true to himself.

Recently, I was in South Carolina, on the Yorktown aircraft carrier, which houses the Medal of Honor Museum. The museum was filled with true heroes, heroes who should have had flags at half staff when they died. Heroes who put others above all else, above themselves, who died for what they believed in, who died for freedom.

In the future, such honors should be reserved for true heroes.



Mayor wrong to agree

with Metallica's complaint

Regarding the June 22 story, "Metallica singer's scoff at costs worries Atlantic City":

I am in shock over the statements by Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford. Does he not realize this is a resort?

In the summer, at shore resorts, the prices of rooms rise. For Langford to agree with that "musician" from that awful band Metallica that price gouging was occurring is as ridiculous as Langford being mayor itself.

It's a good thing Councilman At-Large George Tibbett was there to give the mayor the news about room rates increasing at the shore in the summer.

Suggestion: Have Metallica perform a concert at Bader Field on the second Wednesday of December. The room rates are historically cheap then. See how many fans will show up.


Atlantic City

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