Fine doctors for fraud

on handicapped parking

Regarding the June 11 article, "Handicapped parking/Privilege not permanent," about a new state law that will require people with handicapped-parking tags to have a doctor reconfirm their disability every three years:

This is to curb scofflaws? How strange that someone thinks adding to the workload of law enforcement will solve the problem of people without serious disabilities using handicapped license plates and placards.

My husband has a handicapped placard, but some days the distance from the handicapped parking space to the door of the store is even too far for him to navigate. Often, I drop him at the front of the store while I go park the car because there are no available handicapped spaces. Imagine my surprise at Walmart one day when I walked past a nice new pickup truck with a big tool box and handicapped plates parked in one of those spaces.

The question is: Who wrote the authorization card to be presented at the Motor Vehicle Commission to get the plates or placard? If the doctors who authorized handicapped parking for people who aren't really disabled were fined, those plates and placards would not be so easy to get.



Galloway officials

try to avoid blame

Regarding the June 10 article, "Galloway aims to clean up White Horse Pike":

Mayor Don Purdy, who is up for re-election this year, has now noticed that there are seedy motels on the White Horse Pike that are home to prostitutes, pimps and transients. But Purdy has been in office since 2009, during which time the Galloway Township police force was drastically reduced in size due to a series of failed budgets. At this point, the Police Department cannot provide enough coverage to eliminate the criminal activity generated at these properties.

The Galloway government has been controlled by Purdy's own Republican Party for the past eight years, yet Purdy accepts none of the blame for failures during his own time in office. He instead places the blame on the shoulders of people who were in office 10-15 years ago - people whose crystal ball failed to tell them that in 2013 the economy of the United States would be coming out of a free fall and that the businessmen who built motels in 1998 or 2003 would ultimately become desperate for business and willingly rent to anyone who showed up at the door, including people possibly engaged in criminal behavior.

Councilman Tony Coppola says, "We have a couple major retailers looking at large, major parcels along the corridor." I'll believe that claim when I see any building commence. At the moment, Galloway council cannot manage to get the burned hulk of Kennedy's bar at Pomona Road and the White Horse Pike torn down. That, too, along with crime-ridden motels, has a chilling effect on anyone passing through or considering establishing a business on the pike.


Galloway Township

GOP is hypocritical

on tax increases

A modern-day politically minded Shakespeare might write, "Hypocrisy, thy name is Republican." Indeed, why didn't the anti-tax GOP throw a fit when the 2 percent payroll tax reduction was rescinded this year? Didn't almost all congressional Republicans sign a pledge with unelected anti-tax guru Grover Norquist never to raise taxes? Republicans sure fought hard, albeit somewhat unsuccessfully, to keep the George W. Bush tax cuts for wealthy folks from being rescinded. But ne'er a whimper was heard from them when the working class was slammed with a tax hike. Hmmm ...

No doubt, rescinding the payroll-tax reduction has little effect on the rich. In fact, the major portion of that tax is capped at what amounts to a small fraction of earnings for, say, highly paid executives, business owners and so forth.

Besides, that reduction did not apply to the employer share of the tax, so why would Republicans give a hoot?

Republican politicos, however, would like to shrink government, other than the Defense Department, to the size of a thimble. If it were up to them, any revenue raised by a payroll tax would be borrowed from the Social Security Trust Fund, then used exclusively to pay, say, well-connected private government contractors not at all reluctant to bill for cost overruns, especially through the Defense Department.

In other words, today's Republican Party's primary mission is to increase the wealth of its already well-heeled campaign contributors. If they express an interest in deficit reduction, it only applies to cutbacks in government spending that primarily enhance the lives of middle-class and poorer folks.


Galloway Township

Require dogs to wear

cloth jaw straps for safety

Regarding the June 8 story, "Pit bull dog in Middle held for biting child, police officer":

When will the public wake up and deal with irresponsible dog owners harboring vicious dogs?

If people only knew that more than one-third of insurance dollars paid out each year are a direct result of needless dog bites, then they would not wonder why their home insurance rates continue to skyrocket year after year.

The mayhem and maulings by vicious dogs could come to an abrupt end if dogs were required to wear a simple $5 cloth jaw strap. It is nonintrusive yet prevents a dog from being able to bite and injure people. This statute or ordinance should carry very steep fines for noncompliance - $2,500 for the first offense, $5,000 for a second offense and $10,000 for a third offense, as well as 90 days community service.

Sadly, most folks have no idea how extremely dangerous it is for an officer to discharge a firearm to protect against a vicious dog. Once a bullet is fired, no one knows where it will end up. It could ricochet back and kill the officer or an innocent bystander. Is it too much to require a $5 cloth jaw strap to save a human life?

Ideally, there should be a state statute to afford this basic protection, but if the spineless, gutless hacks in Trenton can't or won't do it, then local elected officials are morally and legally obligated to protect the safety, health and well-being of their citizens.