So, the recession

is good for us?

Regarding the May 31 Peter Orszag column, "Deaths actually drop in a recession":

Orszag writes about the recession as though it were all in the past. Where does he live?

This invidious little piece is a remarkable example of the attitudes prevalent in the upper strata of the corporate food chain and the insidious way all facts and figures that reach them must be spun. It's tantamount to saying, "Let them eat cake" - although those at the top may now say, "Let them eat no cake - they will lose weight and improve their health."

At least Orszag has kindly answered the question for his less-fortunate brethren: Would you rather live a long and miserable life, or a short and happy one? Thank you for that, sir; it's been a conundrum I've long struggled with.

Years back, there was a cartoon titled "There Oughta Be a Law." I'm planning to suggest a law to my representatives in Trenton: All corporate boards shall retain at least one member who lives from paycheck to paycheck, as a reality check.



Margate citizens group

isn't transparent itself

Regarding the May 31 letter praising the Concerned Citizens of Margate, "Some in Margate oppose transparency":

The Concerned Citizens group plays on a common sentiment - that government is corrupt and costs taxpayers millions. The group would like the public to believe that it is the white knight in shining armor exposing a history of corruption in Margate's government.

The truth: There is no evidence of Margate employees double-dipping or of excessively generous pay and benefits. And regarding the "missing" beach badges, the group launched a massive, libelous attack against a city employee, accusing him of "stealing" the badges.

The Concerned Citizens group claims to foster open, above-board government and to encourage all citizens to voice their opinions, but the letter writer forgot to mention that this holds true only if you agree with them. The group has adopted bylaws that violate free-speech rights so that it can revoke membership if you don't agree or support its causes.

I know this, as my membership has been revoked. And when I attended the last meeting in May, the group unsuccessfully tried to have me removed from the building by the police. What do they have to hide?



We'll always have Paris,

but Atlantic City has it all

In early May, I toured Paris, and although it was springtime, there was a lack of blooming flowers, flowering shrubs and trees.

It made me think that maybe Atlantic City should beautify its surroundings with more blooming flowers, flowering shrubs and trees.

To add quaintness like Paris, add more outdoor cafes along Pacific Avenue and the Boardwalk. Paris did have many thousands of tourists visiting its famous landmark sights. With proper advertisement, Atlantic City could better promote its local sights besides the casinos, and that would eventually attract more customers to the casinos.

In Atlantic City, there is art all around, an annual air show and fireworks. Visitors can see a beautiful view from the lighthouse tower, enjoy shopping at The Walk, visit the aquarium, go on a day cruise from Gardner's Basin, have fun at Steel Pier, stroll along the Boardwalk, bask in the sun on clean beaches and swim in the clear blue water of the Atlantic Ocean.

Take your choice, enjoy all that Atlantic City has to offer vs. visiting Paris along the yellowed waters of the Seine.



Large vehicles damage

West Creek Cemetery

Just before Memorial Day, the West Creek Cemetery was vandalized. Someone took it upon himself to remove poles/driveway markers to accommodate a large truck or sport-utility vehicle.

Many of New Jersey's old cemeteries were mapped out years ago at a time when horse and buggies were used for burials. Our cemetery driveways are 10 feet wide, and today's large vehicles cannot make turns without doing damage to graves. We had the right tire of one vault company sink halfway into a grave. We are still trying to determine whether damage was done to the deceased, because only after 1982 did our cemetery require the use of a vault, which would allow some protection.

There also is an area of the cemetery that is just a grassy plain. For years I had to chase people and their cars - and that included mourners at funerals - from parking there. Sometimes it got quite testy because people just could not get it that this was an area set aside for unmarked graves. Just because there is a grassy surface at a cemetery one should not assume that area can be used to park their trucks or SUVs.



West Creek Cemetery Association

West Creek

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