Obama can't relate

to Europe's problems

Russia's incursion into Ukraine and the U.S. ambivalence toward this crisis is related to the particular philosophy of the two principal leaders involved - Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama.

Putin follows the Russian approach of believing concessions are an indication of weakness, not an indication of a spirit of cooperation, as Obama believes.

Obama has little regard for or connection to European problems or history. But the United States was created, developed and founded by the European culture and religions.

So if you sense a lack of resoluteness in the administration's reactions to the Ukraine crisis, consider the fact that Obama is part Kenyan, and his reticence and indecision are related to his lack of cultural connection to the Founding Fathers and Europe as a whole.



Fired Shore nurse

a 'Guardian Angel'

Regarding the Feb. 26 story, "Nurses' union accuses Shore Medical Center":

Shore Medical Center fired my "Guardian Angel" - registered nurse Kelly Csaszar. This breaks my heart as Kelly was one of the finest, most compassionate, caring and knowledgeable nurses on the staff. She deserves much better treatment than this for her 18 years of service.

Our family first met Kelly under difficult conditions. Our much-beloved 92-year-old mother had been admitted to the intensive care unit. She was on a ventilator, and we were devastated and angry. Her medical directive stated she did not want to be on "life support." This was something our mother had voiced so many times.

That's when we first met Kelly Csaszar. She listened intently to our concerns and then with precision and eloquence she explained exactly what was happening and why. She helped us to better understand our options and the repercussions of these options. We could depend on Kelly to be there, and she helped us all get through a very difficult time.

Our family was so pleased with how well Kelly treated our mother that we sent in multiple $50 donations to the hospital, nominating her under Shore Medical Center's "Guardian Angel" program. Kelly's passion for her vocation makes her the best, and she should be reinstated.


Somers Point

Cutting military budget

dangerous, un-American

In addition to being the liar-in-chief whom Democrats bow to, President Barack Obama is again cutting our defense budget, which I, as a proud American and World War II veteran, think is disgusting and very un-American.

It reminds me of something that happened under a previous Democratic president - Franklin D. Roosevelt.

On the island of Hawaii after the bombing of Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, there was much concern about the Japanese invading Hawaii from the sea. To possibly prevent this, soldiers from military bases such as Schofield Barracks patrolled the shores with "pieces." A "piece" is a fake, wooden gun used mainly for drill purposes. This was their "show of force" to scare the Japs. They didn't have real guns with real bullets because FDR cut their budget.



English professor

•o expert on fracking

Regarding the Jan. 31 column -"Does fracking cause quakes?" - by John M. Crisp, an English professor at a community college:

It appears to me that the good professor has been duped by the sensational, but discredited film "Gaslands," which featured burning tap water and discolored drinking water.

The column cited an article in Science that said earthquakes in the central and eastern United States rose from about 20 to about 100 per year between 2010 and 2013, supposedly correlating with the increased use of fracking. There was no mention of the severity or damage from these temblors. By comparison, some 5,000 gas wells in Pennsylvania were "fracked" in the last four years without any reported earthquakes.

(Injection wells are another matter. They were used for decades prior to fracking being invented. I say they should be stopped, period. A society that put astronauts on the moon can develop technology to safely dispose of its wastes - fracked water included.)

I suggest that Crisp stick to Chaucer and Shakespeare and leave geology to the seismologists.


Collings Lakes

Electing amateurs

has consequences

Regarding the March 5 letter, "Do your homework, don't elect amateurs":

I cannot agree more. Thanks to 53 percent of the voters in the last presidential election, we have a former, high-level KGB official facing off against a community organizer from Chicago over the invasion of the Crimean peninsula. People really need to understand elections have consequences

No wonder Paul Ryan just recently said that at times like this, "I just look down and shake my head and think how did we lose to these guys."

The sad truth is that if you ask the average person about how our government works, the majority would not be able to answer even the most basic questions; however, when they turn 18 they're allowed to vote, no questions asked.

Maybe we should all have to pass a basic civics test before we are allowed to vote.



Don't compare smoke

to smell of cologne

Regarding the March 5 letter, "Smoking's offensive? So are a lot of things," which compared secondhand smoke to the smell of cologne and perfume and to children kicking sand on the beach:

Stop being childish. Colognes, perfumes and children on the beach do not cause cancer or any other illness. Cigarettes and secondhand smoke do. Also, discarded butts on the beach can be fatal to wildlife.

If you choose to throw your life away by smoking, that is your problem. But why should nonsmokers pay for it by breathing in secondhand smoke? I'd rather smell perfume or cologne then smoke.


Egg Harbor City

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