Enact term limits

to reform Congress

It is time for boomers to take back our country from corrupt and self-serving career politicians.

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We must pass a two-term limit on those who serve in Congress to restore the fundamentals of serving in government, where representatives understand they have been elected by the people to look after their interests and the common good of our great nation.

It is very clear our system is broken. This inept Congress is taking our country into financial ruin and destroying many people's lives. The very sad thing is that they do not seem to care.

We have a voice, so let's use it.


Egg Harbor Township

U.S. runs risk

of hyperinflation

Cyprus is living beyond its means. The government can't print Euros, so it proposed a plan to tax (steal from) bank accounts at 10 percent to pay its debts.

Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Greece are in the same boat. Yet the United States makes them look like amateurs. Our government is printing worthless dollars. When hyperinflation kicks in, your money will be worth 20 percent to 30 percent less every year, a backdoor tax for anyone who has a bank account.

Dont worry, its not stealing - I mean a tax - it is hyperinflation.



Immigration reform

bigger than politics

When it comes to immigration reform, it may be difficult to avoid politics and instead focus on what is right for the economy, the working class and millions of families who deserve a chance at the American dream.

But while politics is a necessary element in government, I challenge the notion that the political parties are just trying to strike a deal on immigration to win some political points with minorities.

I would suggest Congress is finally seeing the light and will do what is right for our country. Some in Washington are optimistic about the possibility of passage of immigration reform, perhaps early this year. It seems both parties agree that something needs to be done.

But what about all the other issues we need to resolve, such as taxes on the wealthy, entitlement reform, gun rights and regulations and many other issues? The process of making policy into law is deliberative and painstaking, but it is my hope that passage of immigration reform will bring a new attitude and momentum to politics in America.

Congress now has the lowest approval rating in generations. But maybe doing what is right will finally trump doing whatever it takes to win votes. The president has understood this and has urged Congress to bring him a plan for immigration reform to sign into law in the first year of his second term.



Editorial insulting, wrong

on Cumberland jail plan

Regarding the March 18 editorial, "Merging county jails/Good plan, but slow up":

To say that this editorial missed the mark would be an understatement.

First, it was not a "good plan" for two Democratic-majority freeholder boards to rush a deal merging two county jails without any opportunity for full public discussion on the pros and cons.

Second, the editorial board's decision to call "absurd" my concerns and those of many of my constituents that Cumberland County continues to be a dumping ground for inmates from around the state and that this has a very real impact on crime in our county was outrageous.

While I won't hold my breath waiting for one, you owe us all an apology.

Cumberland County already houses more than 10,000 inmates from all over the state. This ill-advised, backroom deal will only add to that burden. The unfortunate reality is that when many of these inmates are released, they end up settling here because their families have already moved here to be closer to them during their incarceration.

If you don't think this drives up crime, you should ask the family of 81-year-old Vineland resident and businessman Alfred Constantino, who was killed when a former inmate in our jails, shipped down here from Essex County, stole an SUV from the Franklinville Fire Company and plowed it into his vehicle during a high-speed chase.

Not only does this drive up crime, but it puts an additional strain on our ability to deliver much-needed social services to our own disadvantaged residents. These good folks are struggling to make ends meet in a county with an unemployment rate nearly double the national average. This deal makes life harder for them, forcing them to compete with an influx of new residents, many of whom are likely to be seeking similar assistance.

Instead of making our county the jail capital of New Jersey, we should be working with neighboring counties and focusing on mutually beneficial shared services aimed at making our region a hotbed of economic growth and job creation that would give every Cumberland County resident the opportunity to prosper. Now that would be a "good plan."


Cumberland County Freeholder


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