Don't blame teacher

for kids 'playing doctor'

Regarding the Feb. 28 story, "Mullica teacher's fate likely up to arbitrator":

We all know that teachers need to have eyes in the back of their heads. That being a given, how could it have been possible that two munchkins from the class of Kelly Mascio got loose at the same time and went into a bathroom adjoining the class room? Where was the aide? Don't aides have eyes in the back of their heads, too?

It seems to me that Mascio handled this situation well by immediately reporting the incident to her principal. However, for her honesty she has been judged unfit and placed on punitive leave without salary. So much for innocent until proven guilty.

As an observer, I am more concerned with what's happening in the homes of these two children than I am with the teacher who happened to sneeze and blow her nose at the time. After all, children do mimic what they see. So what have they witnessed and where? An event in the home or on television or something else?

Back in the day, parents (including me) used to call these kind of incidents between children "playing doctor." Perfectly normal, we thought. After all, we thought, children are a curious lot. It was not considered unusual. So we would take our children aside and have a nice conversation with them as to why that behavior was unacceptable. End of story.


Galloway Township

We ask too much

of teachers today

Regarding the Feb. 28 story, "Mullica teacher's fate likely up to arbitrator":

Whatever the two children in the classroom restroom were doing - "playing doctor" would be expected of that age bracket - this story demonstrates two problems.

First, teachers in this day and age are given less support in the classroom than in previous times. They must teach larger classes and are required to administer too much testing.

Second, children do not have the fear (or respect) of authority figures that former generations had. Many children today bring family or social problems to school with them and the educational system is put upon to address them. Add to that, the incredible daily media world of distortion and negative attitudes that victimize our children if they are not well supervised. Demanding work obligations on parents, often in one-parent homes, also limit time with their children, affecting their school performance.


Cape May Court House

Defender of Obama

left out some facts

The writer of the Feb. 26 letter - "Sad state of presidency? Which president is that?" - thinks President Barack Obama "has led us out of one war and maybe two. Jobs are increasing; the stock market is better; and General Motors and Chrysler are not going to fold operations just yet."

First, GM and Chrysler still owe us billions of dollars - that is why they are still going. Next, Obama can thank President George W. Bush for getting us out of the wars - remember the "surge" - and setting the stage for the capture of Osama bin Laden.

The letter writer must associate with the upper class if he thinks the economy is better. He probably does not know anybody who lost their jobs or their health insurance. I do, and they are having a hard time under this administration and the monstrous Obamacare. He needs to circulate more among the middle class to get the right perspective.

Regarding Benghazi, we were lied to by the administration in order to help "king" Obama get re-elected.



At least Christie fired

those who did wrong

Regarding the Feb. 25 letter, "Christie implausible on bridge lane closings":

I don't know why the writer thinks this is implausible. It happens all the time in the current White House. Our president is constantly claiming he is unaware of what is going on, sometimes actually saying he only heard about the latest fiasco on the news or in the papers.

He and various members of his administration have claimed they were not aware of the facts in Benghazi, what was/is going on at the Internal Revenue Service or the National Security Agency or the "Fast and Furious" debacle. To use the letter writer's own words, one can only conclude that either our president is not being truthful, or he is totally imcompetent and actually did not know anything.

The fact is, neither Gov. Chris Christie nor the president can micromanage everything that goes on in their administrations. They are relying on the people they have put in place to do their jobs competently. It is impossible for Christie and the president to know absolutely everything that goes on.

However, when something happens - as in the bridge lane closings, in Benghazi, or at the IRS or the NSA - the individuals responsible need to be fired. At least Christie has done that.



Stop electing officials

who serve themselves

I anguish over the corruption that will eventually be the end of our great state as well as our country. When anybody tries to correct any dishonest political acts, there are 20 others who try to prevent anything from disrupting the unethical activities.

I see these people being elected over and over by those who vote the straight party line. It does not matter how horrible the person or his political party may be or how many crooked acts he/she may have committed - the idea is to beat the other party's candidate.

As an independent voter, I am totally frustrated at my vote being wasted by those I believed would do the best job for us. Instead of serving the people, they are looking to see how much money they can make before they retire to another state.

I resent being taxed into bankruptcy by greedy, unethical politicians. The officials in these little towns that have benefited from our largess when we chose to retire here would have us all die of poverty to line their pockets. They expect us to carry the burden of their inflated salaries and many perks. When will this end? The answer could be in the election booth.


Little Egg Harbor Township

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