Casinos must embrace

Miss America Pageant

Thank you to everyone who worked so diligently to bring the Miss America Pageant back to where it belongs. I moved to Northfield in June 1994 and had not missed a single parade or pageant until it moved to Las Vegas. I especially enjoyed bringing visitors from out of town and out of state to enjoy the parade.

The pageant brings a lot of people to Atlantic City - the contestants and their entourages, parade spectators, the people who attend the preliminaries and the final pageant itself - and those people spend money in restaurants, hotels, shops and on the Boardwalk.

My concern, then and now, is the lack of participation by the casinos. Every one should have a float in the parade. If they want the people to support the casinos, then the casinos should support the people. Be visible to all visitors, not just the ones staying in your hotel. Atlantic City can be the great city it once was if the casinos will open their arms to everyone.



Pike motels unsafe

- condemn them

Regarding the motels on the Black Horse Pike in Egg Harbor Township:

I have lived in Atlantic City all my life. I drive the Black Horse Pike every day. Sandy has ruined these motels. I have talked more than once with the elected officials in Egg Harbor Township, and I cannot understand why action has not been taken to buy out these properties and condemn them as being unsafe.

These eyesores are below sea level. If a heavy rain or high tide occurs, the parking lots and rooms flood.

I am asking Egg Harbor Township officials to take action on this.


Atlantic City

Dems trick voters

with false promises

Regarding the Feb. 8 Associated Press article, "Study: Immigrants' children more likely to be Democrats":

Why are a majority of second-generation Americans voting for Democrats? There's a reason why such a large group is swayed one way. Democrats give minorities the feeling of security. They feel that they are safe and will be represented if they vote for Democrats. Yet when in power, Democrats pass legislation and regulations that ultimately hurt minorities, not help them.

The Democrats rely on people falling for their claims of being the light at the end of the tunnel. But it's a trick that is fallen for over and over again. Democrats play with our desire for a better life and fear of oppression in society. They lead you down a path of being financially and ideologically chained to them with your vote. This party promises equality, yet demands you get treated differently because of your race, gender or sexuality. This is a platform for promoting division, segregation and ethnocentrism.

So why do minorities side with Democrats? Start with the schools. When I was in an elementary school a few years ago, it was election time. The kids were having an election of their own. The teachers were encouraging the students to vote for the Democrat. They had pictures of the Democratic candidate all over the walls. My 12-year-old niece told me that it was George W. Bush's fault that they have to take the standardized tests that everyone hates taking. Her teacher told her that.

Americans are not properly informed. The media are one of the reasons. You would rather write about the president's golf game than those poor officials who were killed in Benghazi.


Egg Harbor Township

New technical school

unnecessary in Vineland

I don't think that a new full-time technical school in Vineland would be a good idea. What is wrong with the technical school that we already have in Cumberland County? For more than 40 years many high school students from around the county, including me, as well as adult students, have attended the Cumberland County Technical Education Center in Bridgeton and have benefited greatly from the quality of education there.

Is this something that is supposed to make Vineland and Mayor Ruben Bermudez look good, allowing him to fulfill one of the campaign promises from his election? I think so. I also believe that the new school would pose an enormous property-tax burden on Vineland businesses and residents who must also pay to keep CCTEC going as well as fund the new school.

If Bermudez somehow believes that CCTEC isn't providing the quality of education that it should, then he should work with the county freeholders and the school's board of education to improve it. Building new schools all over the place isn't going to solve the education problem in this state. Only fixing the problems in our existing schools will.



Hospitality column

may have been unfair

In her Feb. 15 column, "Atlantic City needs lessons in Disney-like hospitality," Rhona Bronson first mentions her disappointment in not being able to get free show tickets she was entitled to for spending $50. I agree that her server should be trained to publicize this promotion. Nevertheless, there was evidently a sign in plain sight publicizing the promotion. Was this just a matter of the "gimme mentality"? Regardless of whether I really want or need something, if it's free, I want mine!

She also writes of how she and her friends couldn't get lunch at 2 p.m. Rules are usually there for a reason (although not always). Many restaurants need time to retool their kitchens to transition from lunch to dinner service, prompting a cutoff time between meals. Perhaps her disruption of this process could later inconvenience another diner during the dinner service.

She writes of Disney's reputation for hospitality, which is certainly well-deserved. But if she had booked a Disney cruise, and on the day of departure contacted the ship to say she would be a half-hour late, would Disney delay the departure just so it could make her "dreams come true"? I seriously doubt it.



Officials must think bigger

to improve Atlantic City

Our politicians and civic leaders need to begin to think "outside the box" and acquire some vision and intestinal fortitude. Atlantic City isn't a stop on anyone's vacation "bucket list." The city is a brief stopover to drop a few quarters in a machine.

Local leaders need to project into the future and envision an area of greatness and not of sameness. How about spending some money to start up a high-speed hovercraft service from New York City to Atlantic City? The city looks much better from the ocean side than from the land side. What about negotiating a deal with Southwest Airlines? Turn Atlantic City International Airport into a true international hub with flights to and from Europe.

I also challenge Gov. Chris Christie to begin talks about bringing a "world's fair" to the Atlantic City area. It's about time that we get our country out of the recession funk and give our people something to look forward to.


Somers Point

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