Lower cable bills

before buying parks

Regarding the March 10 story, "Comcast adding to theme parks":

Comcast is spending hundreds of millions of dollars to purchase theme parks, which is far from its main telecommunications business. The company is doing this to boost revenue and profits, as if it doesn't make enough by overcharging the public for phone, Internet and cable service.

Am I the only one fed up with paying $200 per month for just two of its services? Comcast is the essence of greed. It is the real-life version of "The Wolf of Wall Street."

There is such a huge disparity between what Comcast charges and what its competition charges for the same service. If you're fed up and can't take it anymore, go out and purchase an HD antenna. I'm buying one this weekend. Free at last.



Make choices on merit,

•ot race, sex or religion

Regarding the March 4 Leonard Pitts column, "We are living in the new normal":

Pitts reveals a lack of understanding of U.S. history. He claims the "normal" situation - white Christian men in power - is now being changed.

But leaders from all races and creeds have had the opportunity to lead since the post-Civil War period, when many black legislators were elected.

Why must "normal" be defined on race or religion grounds? How about merit - including training, education and experience - instead?

Why must liberals always bring up race, sex preference or religion? People want leaders who are wise and whom they can trust, quite apart from their race or religion.

What democracy does not guarantee is quality decision-making when votes are based on race, religion or sex. Voters have paid dearly for their short-sighted use of such criteria, as evidenced by the last presidential election, where the man elected had no idea how to handle foreign or domestic policy, including health care, energy and other issues.


Mays Landing

Impeach Obama

for warmongering

The cover-up of the United States' efforts to create new political leadership in Ukraine is the most blatant act of falsehood since Time Magazine named Adolf Hitler "Man of the Year" in 1938 in an attempt to put a democratic face on fascism.

The Obama administration sought a Cuban missile crisis in Ukraine, focusing fanatically on regime change, using right-wing groups and a "let's get this war stated" press. This is a recipe for nuclear war. Americans should demand an end to this Nero-like insanity.

The solution is the well-deserved impeachment of President Barack Obama. If Congress members do not heed the demands of their constituents for impeachment, they too should be impeached.

Remember what President John F. Kennedy quoted Nikita Khrushchev as saying about nuclear war: "The living will envy the dead."



State cannot edit

the Bill of Rights

Regarding the March 10 letter, "Sweeney right to push new magazine limit":

Congress by itself and state legislatures by themselves cannot change the meaning, wording or intent of the U.S. Constitution or the Bill of Rights. This requires a process outlined in Article 5 of the Constitution.

In the Second Amendment, the word "arms" means firearms, arms of the day. It does not list what types or makes of arms or any firing capacity. Words in the Bill of Rights cannot simply be crossed out and other meanings put in their place.

To rewrite this amendment, changes must be approved by the citizens of each state through their legislatures and their representatives in Congress. The words in the Bill of Rights, which are rights for all of the people, were not intended to have different meanings in each state.


Egg Harbor Township

Veterans deserve

better from Congress

Wake up. We, the taxpayers, are paying to provide veterans' benefits, but they are being denied by elected officials who live the good life on taxpayer dollars and then get nice pensions, again from taxpayer dollars.

Our relatively inexperienced president can give great speeches and is a nice guy, but he is not politically astute and never served in the armed forces. Members of Congress, with few exceptions, have no idea what it's like in the trenches.

I would like to have John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid ride in an armored vehicle patrolling war-zone hot spots. Let them live with the troops - not the officers - for a few months. Let them know what it's like being around improvised explosive devices and ambushes.

These people who send our troops to war should understand about physical and mental injuries and all the veterans who are now homeless. Maybe a little experience would help them take care of those who served. The Washington freeloaders who live on our tax dollars should be ashamed of themselves.

I know Congress restored cost-of-living pension increases that had been cut, and yes, I am a veteran.


Upper Township