Obama was re-elected

for same reason Bush was

Regarding the Feb. 28 letter, "How did Obama win re-election?":

President Barack Obama won re-election for the same reason George W. Bush won re-election in 2004.

At that time, the left was in a state of denial and frustration, choosing to search for chinks in the administration's armor instead of focusing on evaluating themselves as a whole.

The left believed in objecting to the president on virtually every issue and making a show of it. They blamed everyone and everything but themselves - demographics, excessive partisanship, the media.

Sound familiar?

The right will eventually end up on top again. That is inevitable, although it is in the best interest of Republicans to let go of their seemingly unbreakable trust in right-wing media, which to a large degree has molded what was once a party of moderation, diplomacy and compromise into a staunch, unrelenting base.

Mitt Romney was a fine candidate who, much like John McCain, spent his entire political career as a moderate willing to cross the aisle, but both were forced to change into staunch conservatives, which only alienated independents.

Stop blaming the demographics and the media, take a long look in the mirror and then put up a 2016 ticket of Chris Christie and Marco Rubio.


Somers Point

ACUA trash contract

a concern in Linwood

Recently, Linwood City Council introduced an ordinance that, if passed on March 13, will turn trash collection over to the Atlantic County Utilities Authority under a five-year contract.

Three Linwood Public Works employees will be laid off; a fourth employee is retiring. The ACUA will purchase the city's 2012 trash truck. The city will have eight remaining Public Works employees to cover maintenance programs, snow removal, leaf pickup, etc.

Only a small portion of the public is aware of this change. At this point, even the employees are not sure what will transpire, even though the contract with ACUA would take effect March 18.



Robert Boileau is a former Linwood councilman.

Brigantine police oppose

elimination of chief

Brigantine is looking into the feasibility of eliminating the police-chief position in favor of an appointed public-safety director. Brigantine PBA Local 204, along with the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police and the Atlantic County Chiefs of Police, oppose this move, which is not in the best interest of the taxpayers and will undermine the integrity of the Police Department.


President, PBA Local 204


Rich benefit most

under a flat tax

The Feb. 20 letter, "Let spending cuts take place March 1," reveals a lot about what people want for their country. The cuts will result in fewer teachers, police officers and meat inspectors and will reduce doctor's reimbursements. More important, apparently, is preserving a low tax rate for the most well-off.

The letter writer then goes on to say, "A flat tax would be the best." Let's examine that.

Let's look at the poor man making minimum wage, a middle-class person like me doing fine on a $50,000 pension, and a rich guy making four or five times what I do.

The poor guy walks or rides a bike. He has little need for roads, bridges and other infrastructure. I use this infrastructure to shop, travel and go visiting, and I should pay for that. The rich guy uses this infrastructure to get raw materials to his factory, his goods to market, his employees to their job. Who should pay most?

If bombs start falling and the poor guy gets out of his rental alive, he loses little. I lose a house, cars, other stuff and should pay. The rich guy loses factories, apartment buildings, shopping centers, ships. Who benefits most from a strong defense?

Exxon-Mobil makes billions of dollars in profit. U.S. natural resources are used to fill the private bank accounts of shareholders. The poor guy doesn't have a hundred shares paying a handsome dividend that is taxed at half the rate of wages. Giving money to the wealthy is private enterprise, but giving money to the poor is socialism and stifles initiative. A 3 percent spending cut is belt-tightening, but a 3 percent tax increase is class warfare.

A flat tax is like an all-you-can-eat buffet. The little old lady who eats a plate of salad pays the same as the guy who eats three lobsters and a half side of beef. I believe in the conservative principle that you pay a fair price for the goods and services you get. Don't gouge your customers. Don't chisel your employees.

The rich want to get government for wholesale and make everybody else pay retail.



Sharing beach costs

a good step for Wildwoods

Regarding state Senate President Stephen Sweeney's Feb. 25 letter, "Wildwood right not to impose beach fee":

It's great for Wildwood to have the leader of the state Senate praise the city for shelving beach fees and moving to a shared-services model. I can only hope that both the voters and leaders can have the courage to move forward with this.

It's time for the state to give real financial incentives to move municipalities like the Wildwoods to consolidate services. Sure, all of us in the Wildwood business community benefit from free beaches, but everyone in the state is welcome to come and enjoy our free beaches.




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