Sweeney right to push

•ew magazine limit

The effort to recall state Senate President Steve Sweeney, D-Salem, Gloucester, simply because he supports one single piece of anti-gun legislation is ridiculous. This is what civil discourse has come to in this country?

Sweeney has voiced support for a bill that would limit ammunition magazines to 10 rounds instead of the current 15. Doesn't sound like the end of the world, right? But pro-gun folks have come out of the woodwork to attack him. And now they are trying to hide the utter joke that their recall effort is by claiming it's being done for other reasons.

This is just plain ridiculous. It's these kinds of silly actions that have prevented our elected leaders in Washington from getting anything done. They are held hostage by fringe groups.

Sweeney has advocated for background checks and a reduction in magazines to 10 rounds. These are common-sense safety measures designed to protect all of us. Time for this silliness to end.



Veterans have paid

for their benefits

What is wrong with the people in Washington? They cannot find the funding to extend veterans' benefits? It has been paid for already. The mere fact that they are able to vote on such a measure is a freedom given to them by veterans. The funding for benefits has already been paid for with the bodies, blood, sweat and tears of the veterans and their families.

How dare they even suggest that a veteran who followed the orders of the commander in chief be denied any benefit they may have. These people make me want to cry.


Little Egg Harbor Township

County isn't ignoring

Estell Manor road

Regarding the Feb. 26 letter, "Roads ignored in Estell Manor," in which the writer expresses his opinion that Tuckahoe Road in Estell Manor, a county road, is being ignored when it comes to routine maintenance and snow removal:

I can understand the writer's frustration, but I would like to assure him that this is not the case.

During this year alone, from Jan. 1 through Feb. 25, we've had at least one truck on Tuckahoe Road doing snow removal, brining, salting or plowing on 19 days. There were several severe weather events when work needed to extend into the next day to get some of our roads to black top because of the speed at which snow accumulated. Due to the sudden drop in temperature, the salt applications were far less effective.

During this same period, we've had a minimum of one truck on Tuckahoe Road on 13 different days to patch potholes. This task was made more difficult since temperature swings resulted in patches not holding and new potholes developing, requiring almost continuous repairs.

It might be helpful for the writer to know that Tuckahoe Road is scheduled for a partial reconstruction this year from the railroad bridge to Cumberland Avenue. I would encourage him and any other motorist who sees an unsafe condition on a county road to call our 24-hour road hotline at 877-426-7623.


Department Head

Atlantic County

Department of Public Works


Obama did not

save health care

The Feb. 28 letter, "Health care was failing, and Obama saved it," is rational only if throwing an anvil to a tired swimmer is considered a successful rescue.

Though lies abound from President Barack Obama himself and his administration as to the Affordable Care Act, here's what we've found out: It's not affordable, they don't care, but they act as if they do.


Egg Harbor Township

I'm glad Van Drew

is fighting for pipeline

I want to thank state Sen. Jeff Van Drew, D-Cape May, Cumberland, for seeking to revisit the construction of a natural-gas pipeline along the shoulder of Routes 49 and 50 to the Beesleys Point power plant. While I believe the Pinelands Commission members who voted against the pipeline were well-intentioned, I think they were wrong for several reasons.

I agree with Van Drew that a move away from coal to cleaner-burning gas is a step forward. I also agree that saving jobs at the plant and creating new ones to build the pipeline should be a top priority in our current economic environment.

This is a worthy goal for Van Drew to pursue. The pipeline will be built by American workers, preserve American jobs and allow the use of a clean-burning, abundant American natural resource. And the people of Cape May County will benefit by not having to depend on one supply line.

My wife and I often travel the proposed route of the pipeline from Sea Isle City, out Route 50 and west on Route 49 to the Amish farmers markets in Vineland and Bridgeton. My understanding is the pipeline will be installed on the shoulder of the road on these state highways and existing rights of way. If that is correct, most reasonable folks would fail to see the danger to the environment or the pinelands that would justify the rejection of a project with so many long-term economic benefits.


Sea Isle City

Don't overlook role

of EMTs in storms

In every state of emergency there are dedicated professionals who are consistently forgotten, unless of course they are needed. What great pictures in the March 4 edition of Atlantic City Fire Department personnel clearing snow in front of Station No. 1 and of a Pleasantville patrolwoman cleaning off her patrol car.

And I will also give kudos to all the Public Works crews clearing streets and to the Atlantic County Utilities Authority. But one enormously essential group of dedicated professionals was completely disregarded during this past snow emergency.

At 3 a.m. when your loved one isn't feeling well, and the fever he has had for the past three days hasn't broken and you feel he should go to the hospital, who do you call? Who comes to your aid? Who risks their lives to make sure your loved one is not only cared for but safely transported to the hospital? It's the emergency medical technicians who are on duty for your city or township.

Not that these individuals perform their duties for your praise. Actually, many aren't even paid. They volunteer to assist their neighbors during their times of need. They, too, work on snow days but were omitted from the March 4 story, "Snowstorm doesn't mean day off for many workers." Their value was completely overlooked, and that is reprehensible.



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