Hospice invaluable

during wife's death

Regarding the Feb. 22 letter, "Euthanasia a better choice than hospice":

About six months ago, I lost my wife to cancer. These were the hardest and saddest days of my life. We were together for more than 54 years. Hospice helped bring her home for her final days. My wife left us with dignity and love, surrounded by her loving family. She had a beautiful send-off to heaven. Hospice helped make this possible. So, from the bottom of my heart, I say thank you for a job well done.



Buena Vista leaders

lack competence

Regarding the Feb. 25 letter, "Buena Vista purchased expensive white elephant," and the March 6 response, "Buena Vista letter omitted key information," about a generator at the Martin Luther King Center in Newtonville:

Erosion of the tax base, loss of ratables, regressive planning, loss of services, return of grant monies, and a shocking lack of commercial development prove that this gang-that-can't-shoot-straight Township Committee has big mouths but little skill in running Buena Vista Township.

The leadership skills and successes of committee members Teresa Kelly and Chuck Chiarello were just too much for Peter Bylone, Richard Harlan and Sue Barber to handle, so they hijacked the local government and have now proven they are ill-equipped to run a town.

This is why Steven Martinelli and John Williams had the courage to challenge Bylone and Harlan in the upcoming Democratic primary. If the people want the return of good government, they will support Martinelli and Williams.



For both parties, politics

is about holding power

Regarding the March 15 letter, "Republicans are why Republicans lost election":

I agree that Mitt Romney's unfortunate 47 percent remark was ham-fisted, even stupid. It should warn all office-seekers in this day of camera phones that "unguarded" moments of speech no longer exist. Assume someone is always watching, listening and recording.

I'm on Social Security, which supplements a modest pension. I took no offense to Romney's remark. There are always some folks who will exploit government's social outlays. They know who they are and I know I'm not among them. But to suggest 47 percent mooch or scam is over the top. Too bad. I think Romney would have been a much better choice for the nation's fiscal problems.

That said, please face reality. Politics is about party power. Both Democrats and Republicans would love to control the White House and Congress for the foreseeable future. But granting them that kind of power is a bad idea. Power attracts the corruptible. The main difference between the parties is their pathway to power. Democrats use entitlements and target various constituencies such as the poor, blacks, Hispanics and environmentalists. They believe in big activist government. The GOP appeals to those who want smaller government, fiscal responsibility, private enterprise and free-market capitalism.

The problem is the GOP pathway is more long-term. Democrats address more immediate problems of existence. The GOP has a tough sell by comparison.

But always keep in mind, whichever scheme of a party floats your boat, it is about your vote, but it isn't really about your life. It is about political power: grasping it and retaining it. Perhaps that belief is why I am an independent voter.


Cape May Court House

All drivers should help

to pay of roads, bridges

Regarding the March 14 letter, "Whelan shouldn't talk about others' 'greed'":

The writer not only misconstrues a proposal by state Sen. Jim Whelan, D-Atlantic, but also fails to illuminate the reason for the proposed tax.

Currently, only drivers who use gasoline and diesel contribute to the maintenance of roads and bridges through the fuel tax. The more miles you drive, the more fuel you use and the more you pay for that upkeep. Obviously, to fair-minded people, it's not right to expect other drivers to pay your way, whether you have an all-electric vehicle or not.

The Transportation Trust Fund has been shrinking in recent years because motorists are driving less and are using more fuel-efficient cars. Whelan's bill has nothing to do with greed, but is a realization that transportation revenues must be maintained to sustain our roadways and bridges. That's an obligation of government, and someone has to pay for it. This legislation is one way to help spread this cost more fairly among all who use our roads.

If you don't want to contribute your fair share, then try to find an obliging neighbor to drive you everywhere. That's not called greed; it's called freeloading.



Wind power benefits

our economy, health

On a cold February day, more than 40,000 people marched on Washington for climate change and against the Keystone XL pipeline, and marches took place all over the country in solidarity.

As an average senior citizen, I urge people to face he facts regarding climate change. You can help victims of Hurricane Sandy at the same time. Research the many studies that show that climate change is real. It is time to use sustainable, renewable energy.

Financial experts are saying no to more investments in polluting energy sources. Wind power makes economic sense. New jobs can be created, and wind is available in tremendous quantity along the Jersey shore.

The shore needs financial assistance now as a result of Hurricane Sandy. That help can come from an energy source that is clean, renewable and sustainable.

One of our inalienable rights is "the right to life." People want clean energy. Polls show citizens are concerned about the effects pollutants have on air, water and on our bodies. Pollution contributes to our rising health care costs.

We must push the Board of Public Utilities to implement wind power now.


Cape May Court House

Use patriotic songs

for Miss America

Regarding the March 7 letter, "Let a local singer welcome Miss America ":

I agree with the idea of using local talent to perform when the Miss America Pageant returns to Atlantic City.

I, for one, would like to hear the traditional rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner," sung the way many of us learned it growing up, which still can bring tears to the eyes.

For those on in years, if a "Kate Smith" voice could be found to sing "God Bless America," that would be the icing on the cake to complete the festivities.