More gun laws

aren't the answer

The May 20 Thomas Schaller column, "Gun advocates ought to pick better battles," was an obfuscation of the facts under the banner of attempted support for the Second Amendment.

There are thousands of existing gun laws on the books, but there is always a thought or desire that one more law will make it perfect.

For example, some believe recent tragedies suggest that decreasing weapons with the visual appearance of military weapons will prevent future mass killings; meanwhile, many of these same people believe the common shotgun is acceptable for mass ownership. But the internal magazine plug that limits a shotgun capacity can be removed. And if several inches of barrel are cut off by a $2.98 hacksaw, the shotgun's lethality is multiplied further.

Increasing background checks can be perceived as the answer, but how would that have changed the event in Newtown, Conn.?

Chicago has one of the strictest gun-ownership laws in the U.S., but in 2012 the city had more than 500 homicides. Where was the media outrage? More children die in bathtubs, on all-terrain vehicles and bikes, in swimming pools and in auto accidents than by firearms.


North Wildwood

Postal Service ignored

Strathmere residents

On May 20, the Strathmere Post Office reduced its window service from eight hours to four hours in the afternoon.

Strathmere residents do not get mail delivered to their homes. They must go to the post office to pick it up. Late last summer, we were notified by the U.S. Postal Service that because of its need to reduce costs and the fact that Strathmere handles a low volume of mail, our service would be reduced to four hours in the afternoon. The Postal Service scheduled a town meeting to explain the change. Virtually every permanent resident attended the meeting.

We understood the need to reduce costs and accepted the change to four hours of window service, but the residents were unanimous in asking that the window time be four hours in the morning rather than the afternoon. This would allow the mail to be sorted by 9:30 a.m. and available for pickup then. The part-time workers in the post office also preferred morning hours. The USPS representatives who conducted the meeting indicated that this was a reasonable request and that they would attempt to accommodate it.

But now, the hours have been reduced to four hours in the afternoon. Despite numerous letters and email messages, we have not received an explanation of why the window hours could not be changed to the morning.



Boy Scouts a great way

to turn lives around

The Boy Scouts of America has been in the news lately due to some of its national policies. I'm sure that eventually the controversy regarding those policies will be resolved.

Meanwhile, speaking as someone who has been involved in scouting for seven years, I'd like to call attention to what a great program it is.

The Boy Scouts is a great way to turn your life around.

I can say from personal experience that even the most pessimistic, depressed of minors can be completely changed.

Where I was once a person who solved my problems with violence, I am now able to deal with situations with a more diplomatic approach.

On top of that, it's been a great opportunity for me to meet many interesting people, go to awesome places, and learn some helpful survival skills.

A lot of people misjudge scouting before they really get to know it, so I feel people should take the chance to educate themselves more on the program and maybe even try it out for themselves.


Egg Harbor Township

Take down new sign

on Margate Causeway

Regarding the new electronic billboard on the Margate Causeway:

Hurricane Sandy reminded us we must take care of our lands, seas and wetlands. The dunes protect the mainland. The wetlands filter and feed all kinds of wildlife. This sign is intrusive and only spoils the pristine nature all around it and around us.

It is time to remove the sign. Large electronic signs like this one are a unique form of advertising, but they need to be in areas where they do not intrude on the wetlands or interfere with our enjoyment of these areas.

We can make it happen if we stand together.


Somers Point

Girls are attracted

to Boston bomber?

Regarding recent reports that some young women have used social media to express their attraction to Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev:

Is it really possible that some of our impressionable young teen girls are actually empathetic toward this Russian-born militant murderer of our own innocent people?

To our local parents: Get involved in your children's lives. They are being influenced by everything today except what is good and just. Where are the checks and balances within these homes?

It's disgraceful. Social media have to be more closely monitored by parents. These sites are desensitizing our youth. God help us.



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