Put A.C. police station

in Lower Chelsea

Regarding the April 18 story, "Atlantic City police push community outreach plan":

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I'm very much in favor of the Atlantic City police being available for residents, but what about setting up a station in Lower Chelsea?

When they had the community barbecues in the city, the closest one to my area was in Chelsea Heights. There are a lot of single parents who don't drive. Just imagine them trying to tote their children over the bridge and down to the end of Chelsea Heights.

There may not be any projects in Lower Chelsea, but we still could use a station set up for the outreach program.

Crime or no crime, it's good to see the men and women who protect and serve us walking in our neighborhoods and stopping to have conversations with residents.


Atlantic City

Anti-gun crowd

ought to advertise it

Regarding the April 29 story, "Vineland clerk may face charges for chasing, shooting at fleeing robber":

I don't take a position either way on whether you should have a weapon or should defend yourself against those who would rob or harm you and those near you.

I do take one position, however. I think that those who say that guns are bad and that no one should have a gun and no one should protect themselves with a gun should have signs on their clothing, their cars and around their homes and businesses. Those signs should say, "I do not believe in guns or other weapons. I do not have any weapons, and I will not defend myself. And I do not believe in anyone protecting themselves against an assailant." If you are really against self-defense and against guns, prove it and post such signs.



Natural-gas pipelines

engineered for safety

Regarding the continuing controversy over a proposed natural-gas pipeline through the Pine Barrens to the B.L. England Generating Station in Upper Township:

Around 1960 I was working as a civil engineer for Brooklyn Union Gas Co. We installed two 24-inch-diameter subaqueous steel pipelines under the Narrows waterway from Staten Island to Brooklyn. Engineering and safety procedures were followed, and to this day there has never been a problem.

People should be aware that natural gas produces 50 percent fewer carbon dioxide emissions than coal. I am not defending the power industry, but a power plant can be used as a vehicle for progress. If a pipeline will enhance the region, it must be properly executed.

Perhaps an alternate route that doesn't go through the pinelands could be proposed for the pipeline. But should the pipeline eventually be approved, please bear in mind, converting the B.L. England plant from coal and oil to gas is a positive move. And quality-control procedures are imperative for any project.

With reasonable agreement among reasonable people, South Jersey will benefit in many ways.

Personally, I see the overall benefit of this particular pipeline to our community. I do not foresee many drawbacks and feel that, with proper planning, no one will be hurt and the landscape will not be damaged.


Cape May

Boehner is holding up

benefit extension

House Speaker John Boehner is acting like a dictator. He will not permit a vote on the unemployment benefits extension, knowing darn well it will pass. The number of people this affects directly and indirectly far exceeds the estimates of more than 2 million. You must add in spouses, children and the millions who will be in the same position in the coming months

Boehner claims he wants the bill to be paid for. It is.

He wants an amendment to create jobs, but doesn't offer any.

Let's get to the real reason. All it would take is for the president to be against this proposal, and Boehner would have it approved in half a New York minute.


Little Egg Harbor Township

Schools should address

addiction as a disease

Regarding the April 30 letter, "EHT drug assembly took wrong approach":

Drugs and addiction are two separate topics. The issue with the presentation was that while police are educated on drugs, they are not educated on addiction. Police treat addicts the same way they treat other criminals, instead of treating them as people suffering from a diseased. Addiction is a disease, just as cancer is. Therefore, contrary to popular belief, addiction is not something you can just put a stop to.

Listening to real-life stories from individuals who are recovering addicts or those who have had addicts in their families can deter people from using drugs. High school administrators should consider having someone from Narcotics Anonymous give a presentation on drugs and addiction. For a program to be beneficial to students, the presenter should discuss what drugs are, the psychiatric and physical effects they have on the individual who uses them and how drug behavior is criminalized.

As we all know, drugs are a major issue here in South Jersey. Students sitting in on such a presentation may have family or friends who are addicts. There is a stigma associated with addiction and those who are friends or family of an addict should not be stigmatized. Information as to where a student can go for help if they are or someone they know is struggling with addiction should also be provided.



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