Marijuana users

•ot violent criminals

Regarding the April 28 letter, "Legal marijuana is last thing we need":

The misinformed old-timer who wrote of the evils of drug addiction was so old-fashioned in his views it made all of us laugh.

To say the use of marijuana causes people to steal, mug, rape and pillage is absurd. Most people who smoke just get laid back, get the munchies (which is good for local pizza and sub shops) and think about the beauty of nature and the power of God.

I hate addicts who do irresponsible things. Those who use heroin or pills might be likely to commit offenses, but not those who use marijuana, and one doesn't necessarily lead to the other.

I know when you abuse some things it leads to no good, but not this. Of course, all things should be used in moderation. If someone swallows a whole bottle of aspirin and dies, you don't outlaw aspirin. You have to be smart and use your head. Also, the medicinal benefits of marijuana are amazing for glaucoma, seizures and pain relief.


Egg Harbor Township

Cuba must return

killer of N.J. trooper

Forty-one years after she executed a New Jersey state trooper in cold blood, domestic terrorist JoAnne Chesimard remains free, a "guest" of Cuba's communist regime.

It's time this convicted murderer is returned home to answer for her heinous crime.

If President Barack Obama is serious about improving relations with Cuba, Chesimard must first be returned to prison where she belongs.

In May 1973, Chesimard, the first woman to ever make the FBI's Most Wanted list, shot Trooper Werner Foerster in the head on the New Jersey Turnpike. After escaping from prison in 1979, she surfaced in Cuba, where an oppressive regime hails this cop killer as a revolutionary hero.

The message from law enforcement and from all law-abiding citizens is clear: No more talks with Cuba until Chesimard is brought home in chains.


Toms River

Joseph H. Vicari is the Ocean County freeholder director.

How sad Rutgers

protested Rice speech

It was sad to see that Condoleezza Rice had to decline the invitation to be the keynote speaker at the Rutgers University graduation ceremony.

Despite the fact that Rice is a Stanford University professor, a former secretary of state and national security adviser, as well as an accomplished pianist, the student body felt she had nothing to offer at the graduation ceremony.

Evidently Rice was denigrated for her role in the Iraq War. I wonder if there would be equal outrage if Hillary Clinton had been invited to speak despite her support of the war as a senator.

It's a loss for those who would have attended.

Maybe Snooki is available to speak. Unfortunately, she would be more welcomed by the class of 2014.

How sad.


Galloway Township

Shame on Rutgers

for forcing out Rice

I am embarrassed and annoyed with the leadership of Rutgers University.

Yes, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice did withdraw from speaking at the Rutgers graduation - but only after pressure brought by student and faculty protests of her former political support for the Iraq War.

Is she not more than her conservative politics?

Is she not a fabulous example of an accomplished woman who has excelled in many areas?

And what about higher education offering opinion and commentary on diverse issues?

Shame on you, Rutgers University.



Businessman loved

his valued customers

For the past 40 years, my husband, John Clement, the recently deceased owner of Golf & Tennis World, had the honor of helping his customers with their golf games, whether it was fitting them with equipment, offering advice or just chatting. His customers' dedication and support for him, in good times and bad, grew into strong bonds of friendship, which he valued tremendously.

Golf & Tennis World will continue what he started. I hope your support and dedication will also. Thank you for your friendship, business and, most of all, your love toward my husband.



Letter was unfair

to postal workers

I was saddened when I read the May 6 letter, "Postal service skimps on customer service." I can understand the writer's frustration. But maybe this should have been addressed with the manager at her local post office, and a solution resulting in her satisfaction could have been found.

I have dealt with the Absecon and Galloway post offices for many years. I have been completely satisfied with the courtesy, friendliness and professionalism of all the clerks. They are hard-working and conscientious and always willing to help.

I live in an area where our mail arrives by truck and is placed in our mailbox. The mail carriers have been wonderful and helpful and always accommodating, even carrying heavy boxes up to our porch with a smile and greeting. They truly are there in rain, sleet and snow. So I say thank you.

Let's not judge the whole U.S. Postal Service based on one negative experience.


Galloway Township

I, too, will drop

NBC Channel 10

Regarding the May 1 letter, "I'll drop NBC if it drops TV40":

I will also stop watching NBC Channel 10. We have a very good thing with WMGM-TV40. Dan Skeldon was the only weatherman who had it right with Hurricane Sandy. Plus, we need all our local sports, news, etc.

I live in a small town, and we had a robbery of a local store recently. Would Channel 10 be able to get there in time to get all the action going on? I don't think so. I hope everyone else joins us and drops NBC.




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