Brigantine needs

public-safety post

Regarding the March 15 story, "Brigantine sets vote on public-safety post":

Brigantine taxpayers will spend as much as $30,000 for a special election on May 13 to decide whether to eliminate the public-safety director position because of a small group who are trying to fool the taxpayers.

We must stop their political game and not allow them to waste our time and money. We must eliminate the bloated retirement packages that are putting us in a deeper financial crisis. If the public-safety director position is eliminated, the city manager will have limited power in hiring the best person to fill vacancies, and she will no longer be able to continue the excellent job of managing our city.

Brigantine is moving in the right direction and making progress after years of poor management with our tax dollars. I support those who are doing things the right way, not those who want to do things their way. The public-safety director position is needed, filled or not. The alternative is to continue to feed the voracious appetites of greed and continue paying enormous retirement packages that Brigantine can no longer afford.



How can anyone

hope that GM fails?

Regarding April 22 letter, "General Motors deserves to go bankrupt again ":

I know that General Motors' failure to fix a faulty ignition-switch problem for years should not have happened. And we do expect more from an American company, but why?

When Toyota had an issue in which deaths were related to a problem with its cars, it was back-page news. The letter writer speaks of the bailout of GM. But when I drive through neighborhoods, go into electronics stores or drive by parking lots, I see a bailout for every nation in the world.

It is very closed-minded to suggest GM should go bankrupt. We should put more people out of work? Really?

I am not saying that what GM did was right, and I think the company should be penalized. But I can't forget the atrocities that have been done to us by foreign countries, either. My dad, a World War II veteran, makes me think of that every day. For that reason, I am glad to say that there are two GM cars in my driveway, and I am proud of it.


Mays Landing

I'll drop NBC

if it drops TV40

Regarding the April 18 story, "NBC to drop TV40 as affiliate":

As the WMGM-TV40 jingle goes, "You don't live in Philly, and neither do we."

If the NBC powers that be think this old gal - who doesn't live in Philly - is going to just automatically start watching their Philadelphia station, they've got another think coming.

I believe there are many more who feel the same way. I hope another network is wise enough to pick up TV40 and keep the same fantastic news team. If not, I'll stop watching the news on TV and read The Press

for local news.


Cape May Court House

Many in government

are not qualified

Regarding the April 25 story, "Homeland Security ex-IG put on leave after inquiry":

The story of former Inspector General Charles K. Edwards echoes my own observations during the last years of my employment in the federal government.

How these people obtain such prestigious positions, vital to the workings of their respective agencies, is beyond me.

A Senate report plainly states that Edwards was not qualified for this position and lacked the required independence.

I would suggest that our federal government create a totally independent body of auditors to examine every federal agency and cut out the cancer it uncovers.


Mays Landing

Plasma gasification

offers energy future

Regarding the April 24 letter, "Consider plasma gasification":

The writer is dead on regarding this technology. I had never heard of it until I read a term paper our son wrote on the process.

Japan has been using plasma gasification for several years now, presumably because that country's land is at such a premium that eliminating landfills is a priority. Ottawa has been using the same process for a couple of years. This high-temperature resolution to our trash problem can be used for any type of refuse including hazardous wastes, excluding nuclear waste.

One man's trash becomes power for another man's television or car. The resulting fuel can be the renewable power this country is so desperately searching for. Even old landfills can be mined for trash to turn into synthetic gas and vitreous glass and metal, which can be used in building materials or pavement.

Just think of driving along the Garden State Parkway in Galloway Township and ... no more stench. The Atlantic County Utilities Authority should resume looking into this process. As long as the facility is engineered correctly, there would be few emissions and no toxins.

Some companies provide mobile plants utilizing old ships that can turn garbage into energy and can desalinate saltwater to provide potable water to areas of the world that need it.

From all I have read about this process, it appears to be the best solution to our energy needs, while also putting an end to landfills and the methane they produce.


Egg Harbor Township

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