Companies pay price

for mistreating workers

Highly paid corporate execs, beware. What goes around comes around.

Walmart's policy of reducing its labor force and paying low wages while expecting others to pick up the slack is beginning to hurt customer satisfaction and its bottom line.

Powerful former Apple exec Ron Johnson, who believed that giving the ax to a large swath of J.C. Penney's labor force would increase profits, got the ax himself as Penney's profits, as well as customer satisfaction, plunged.

Customer satisfaction and profits are even falling at McDonald's, as it continues to pay low wages to disenchanted employees with little hope of promotion.

Indeed, treating ordinary workers like they're expendable, pushing them to work harder and harder for less and less compensation, has a huge downside. Not only does it sully the reputations of companies, as poorly paid employees are more likely to perform poorly; it also reduces overall demand for products and services and diminishes corporate profits.

Younger workers are most affected by this perilous trend. How might they buy homes and start families, when our service-heavy economy offers miserly compensation for many just entering the workforce?

Yes, what goes around comes around - even for highly paid corporate execs. If they were smart, they would encourage the creation of strong but reasonable unions fighting for fair compensation and decent working conditions for the vast majority of workers. The operative phrase is "if they were smart."


Galloway Township

How can Obama praise

Planned Parenthood?

My disagreement with President Barack Obama has always been political and not personal. But as an American of African ancestry, what the president said on April 26 at the end of his speech to Planned Parenthood made it personal.

Obama said, "Thank you, Planned Parenthood. God bless you."

This was highly offensive to me, and it should be to every black person in this nation. Blacks were in the crosshairs of Planned Parenthood from the organization's beginning, and they still are today. Is the president unaware that if Planned Parenthood had its way, most of the blacks who voted for him would never have been born, and neither would their parents and grandparents?

Is the president so out of touch with the history of Planned Parenthood that he, a black man, can stand up there and say "God bless you" to a murderous bunch of people who deal in the death of millions of defenseless humans, most of whom are black?

Calling upon God to give blessing to a group whose agenda of death has not changed since its inception makes it personal, Mr. President, and I resent it with all my being, as should every black person living today.



Gas-station critic

must have perfect life

Regarding the April 26 letter, "Gas-station attendants should come to driver's side":

Wow. I am really happy this letter writer has such a perfect life that this is all she has to be upset about. Good for her. She must have a great job, be able to pay all her bills, have great kids who are all successful in their lives, and be someone all her friends and neighbors are envious of and, of course, a great cook.

But she can't be that old, as her letter suggests - because she doesn't remember when gas-station attendants always washed your car's windows, front and back, and asked if they could check your oil every time you stopped for gas. Can you imagine that?



If Sandy made you move,

what happens to rebate?

What happens to senior citizens who were told to move out of their homes because of Hurricane Sandy? Do we still get our Homestead Rebate?

I have moved out after 54 years in Margate. I didn't want to. But now do I have to wait before I can be eligible for the rebate again? I hope all senior citizens contact the governor, their senators and their assemblymen about this.


Egg Harbor Township

Let USPS cut payments

for future retiree benefits

I would hope that concerned citizens would contact their representatives in Congress and let them know the negative impact of losing 100,000 jobs if the U.S. Postal Service doesn't get relief from pre-funding future retiree benefits.

The current crisis was created by Congress in 2006 when it required the USPS to pre-fund future benefits at a cost of $5.5 billion dollars per year. This will be funding for employees not even born yet.

Congress seems to want to create jobs. Well let's start by saving 100,000 jobs here. Allow the Postal Service to reduce the $5.5 billion a year that it has to put into the retiree benefit fund every year.

Please call or email your representatives and explain to them how they can save 100,000 jobs.


Little Egg Harbor Township

Senate gun vote

ignored will of people

Last month, 45 senators voted against a bipartisan expanded-background-check bill. Not only was this vote cowardly, but it ignored the will of the people. This bill was only the first step, of many, in preventing the loss of more innocent lives. Those 45 senators failed us as a country. Shame on them.

Women will go to the polls to change this Congress - one vote at a time.


Egg Harbor Township

We need more

political parties

I believe I'm not the only citizen who is mad as hell at how our state and country are being governed. The recent comedy in Washington is another illustration of the absolute indifference to the voting public, in favor of the desires of the elected. Forget about the good of the country.

Besides, the party - whether the Democratic Party or the Republican Party - needs lawmakers' votes to pursue the party's agenda. Meanwhile, of course, their perks are great.

Without a doubt, there is a necessity for more than two political parties. They have a stranglehold on us. And that is especially true for us in New Jersey.

Have your property taxes stabilized? If not, why not? After all, our governor is doing a wonderful job of moving the state forward. But in reality, he has been no different from Democratic governors. The party's desires are paramount. The job is to provide rhetoric to the citizenry while plundering the treasury.


Somers Point

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