Some in Margate

oppose transparency

Several years ago, a community-based group, Concerned Citizens of Margate, was organized and began to shine a spotlight on various areas of Margate's government. Some of the glaring problems uncovered, either directly or indirectly because of the group's efforts, were double-dipping on the part of some Margate employees, exceedingly generous pay and benefits for workers, missing beach badges, improperly drawn ball-field contracts, extensive nepotism and over-the-top spending on projects.

This exposure apparently has started to worry the involved Margate government employees and those citizens who support them. Those people have set out to destroy Concerned Citizens of Margate by making up lies about the group and harassing its members.

It is time for the taxpayers of Margate to realize that certain employees in your government must have a lot to hide if they are going to such lengths to avoid transparency.

Concerned Citizens of Margate is not political. Its only goal is to have the best, most transparent, fiscally responsible local government possible.

If this battle is upsetting to you, I urge you to attend the City Commission meetings at 4 p.m. (for a workshop meeting) and 5 p.m. on the first and third Thursdays of each month in the Margate Municipal Complex, formerly known as Union Avenue School.



If only gun buybacks

attracted criminals

I understand there is going to be a gun-buyback event June 7 and 8 in Millville, Bridgeton and Vineland. What a brilliant idea. When the crooks, criminals and drug dealers line up to turn in their guns, we should have law-enforcement personnel waiting there to arrest them.

I mentioned this to a patrolman friend of mine, and he laughed and said most street cops don't feel gun buybacks are useful or effective but can't say so for obvious reasons.

I told him that this one might be different. Because most street thugs and predators can't or don't read the opinion pages of newspapers, my letter won't alert them.

So I will be anxious to see just how many thugs and criminals turn in their guns in June and how many are arrested.



Americans died

so you can vote

Americans have 848,163 reasons to vote. That, according to Wikipedia, is how many American men and women have been killed in action while fighting America's wars. These wars were fought so you and I and our children could go to the polls on Election Day and exercise our right in a democracy to vote for those people we want to run our government.

Those killed were husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, grandparents and great-grandparents, all of whom went to war and lost their lives so we could vote on Election Day.

In addition, hundreds of thousands more American men and women have been wounded, many losing arms and legs, some their eyesight, fighting in these same wars for the same reasons.

So what's the excuse for not taking advantage of what these people died and suffered for? You don't have time? It's raining? Not interested in politics? Think your vote doesn't count?

Why aren't more 18-, 19- and 20-year-olds involved and going to the polls on Election Day? Why aren't more of our youths involved in the campaigns? These are the people who will be in charge 20, 30, 40 years from now. Shouldn't they be learning what it's all about? Are parents and schools doing their job in training and educating our youths about elections?

Yes, Election Day is about politics and politicians, and it's good politics and honest, knowledgeable politicians that we need to run our government. It is up to you to decide who that will be. Remember the men and women who lost their lives so you would have that privilege. Don't disappoint them.



You won't get truth

watching Fox News

I am fed up with people who write in and are so obviously repeating the right-wing conservative trash put out by the 24-hour propaganda-pushing infomercial that is Fox "News."

Try watching some real news and read the newspaper and get back to some reality. You will see how much better things are than five years ago despite the constant obstruction and finger-pointing of the Republicans in Congress.

They do nothing to improve the state of the country or the middle class. They are shameful. Their primary concern from day one has been to bring down this president. They are working for their billionaire backers who keep them in office, not for the average American.

A lot of people are catching on to the characters on Fox and are moving on. Try it. You may be enlightened and be able to form your own opinion rather than the ones so obviously planted by Fox and the tea-party crazies.


Mays Landing

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