Christie was impressive

as Sandy ravaged N.J.

I was born in Atlantic City, raised in Ventnor and operated my business in Cherry Hill. Currently, I am retired and temporarily living in Maine.

I could view scenes of devastation from Sandy only through the Internet and much appreciated The Press live feed of Twitter postings, which brought home the plight of many who were overlooked by other media.

But the sight

of Gov. Chris Christie acting in a most salutary manner was an eye-opener for many accustomed to seeing a gruff bully given to insulting and abusive outbursts, as he is so often depicted in the national media.

Being raised by second-generation Italian-Americans from what was called Ducktown, I will say two things that befit many but are particular to the governor: Some Italians have a quick temper, and to some Italians, family means everything.

During Hurricane Sandy, Christie showed temper, but he also showed that New Jersey was and is his family.

A blessing on his house. Recover soon, Atlantic City.


Damariscotta, Maine

Lost casino wages

least of our worries

Regarding the Nov. 1 story "Hurricane Sandy: Tourism Economy

/Lost wages hurt casino workers":

I ask whether Bob McDevitt, president of Local 54 of UNITE-HERE, has looked outside his comfy office. I can appreciate his concern for the casino workers, but I am shocked by his lack of concern for the entire area.

Where does he expect tourists to come from? Doesn't he realize that everyone loses in a catastrophe of this magnitude? Some families have lost loved ones; others have lost everything - not just wages, but their cars, homes, valuables and in some cases possibly even their businesses.

He is correct that many hotel workers will lose income that may not be covered by unemployment benefits due to the time they are out of work, but in the grand scheme of things, isn't all that somewhat trivial? If that seems to be his major concern, then I ask that he dip into the coffers of the union and see to it that his members reap some of the benefits that go along with being a union member.

Right now there are people trying to figure out how they are going to survive. He should be happy that the casinos survived the storm and that when the city reopened they were ready for full operation.



Resident grateful

for out-of-state help

On my way to work Thursday morning, I saw dozens of utility trucks. They were Alabama Power!

I felt immense gratitude and was surprised by how much this affected me.

I think the strength of my reaction may be in contrast to my usual perception that the rest of the country is usually joking about, insulting, or downright hating on New Jersey.

I've heard from others that help is coming from as far away as California.

A profound thank you to those of who have come to help.

You give extra meaning to the phrase "one nation."



Thanks for coverage

during Hurricane Sandy

I have a second home in Margate and live in Maryland. I want to thank you for providing such amazing digital coverage during Hurricane Sandy and the aftermath.

I do have a digital subscription already, otherwise I would purchase one now. The updates, photos, and Twitter feed kept me informed and feeling as connected as possible even though I wasn't there.

I have spent days on my phone and computer checking The Press. Now that I know I will have access to Margate - and hopefully power in the near future - I felt it was time to say thank you.

Please extend my thanks to the entire staff who worked through the storm to keep us informed. As cleanup begins, I look forward to reading and seeing how the shore communities rebuild.


Ellicott City, Md.

Where was A.C. mayor

when Sandy struck?

Throughout this tragedy caused by Hurricane Sandy, we've seen the president, emergency management officials and the governor speak. I rarely saw the mayor of Atlantic City inform, instruct or guide before or after the storm.

I was in New York City during 9/11 and my wife was a survivor of that attack. Then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani handled the situation with leadership qualities beyond description. This mayor sadly cannot come close.

All new construction in flood zones has to meet new elevation levels. In addition to that, new homes in flood zones should also have built-in generators and water purification systems, so when the next storm hits - and it will - homeowners will be better protected.


Galloway Township

Inaccurate reports

were irresponsible

Media reports about Hurricane Sandy from out-of-town newspapers and television stations were completely inaccurate and irresponsible. For reporters to stand in front of an unused section of the Boardwalk that was destroyed and proclaim "The Atlantic City Boardwalk has been destroyed" is journalism at its worst.

When I was a child, adults told me not to believe everything I heard on the news or read in a newspaper. But they were mostly referring to mistakes - not a reporter intentionally slanting a story.

It makes me wonder: If the media would slant a story about a hurricane to sell newspapers or get better television ratings, would they slant a story to influence an election? I think I know the answer.


Somers Point

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