Shelter animals

protected in storm

At the height of all Sandy's devastation, how many people thought about the local animal shelters and who is manning them? A special thanks to Steve Dash, director of the Humane Society of Atlantic County, who actually camped out at the shelter for days, making sure all the animals were fed, warm, comfortable and, more important, safe.

Thank you, Steve, for your commendable and continuing dedication.



West A.C. firefighters

saved our lives in storm

Around noon on Monday, Oct. 29, the Egg Harbor Township police came to my door in West Atlantic City and told me of the mandatory evacuation of our section of the township.

I am a 75-year-old man with a severe lung condition. I'm on oxygen 24/7. When the police officer saw my condition, he radioed for aid. Within 20 minutes, an ambulance and five volunteer firefighters/EMTs were at my house to render assistance to my wife and me.

They took my oxygen concentrator, my extra tanks and other equipment to the ambulance and took us to the firehall and made us comfortable until our daughter and son-in-law came to take us to the safety of their home.

We cannot praise or thank those volunteer firefighters from West Atlantic City enough for their fine actions. Well done, gentlemen. You saved our lives.


West Atlantic City

Streets need repair

in Atlantic City

Pacific Avenue in Atlantic City is terrible to travel. It needs to be leveled and repaved. Portions of it are buckling and causing damage to cars. It's uncomfortable to travel for both citizens and visitors alike.

There are portions of Atlantic Avenue that also are buckling and require cars to cross the road with unnecessary caution. The intersections of Mississippi and Morris avenues, especially, are areas of concern on Atlantic Avenue, and the portion of Atlantic Avenue from Morris Avenue to Albany Avenue needs total repaving.

The newly paved area on Melrose Avenue between Delaware Avenue and Rhode Island Avenue continues to flood, as it did prior to the widening project, causing travel disruptions and detouring.

I urge the mayor to order the Department of Public Works to do the necessary repairs to improve these infrastructure problems. The condition of our streets makes Atlantic City seem negligent. With the money this city generates, it looks silly that the city cannot or will not improve its streets.

City Council can approve giving the mayor a raise, but cannot fix the streets. How ludicrous is that?

The mayor and City Council should earn their salaries by fixing the streets that need repair and repaving.



Urge representatives

to save Postal Service

Stop Congress from pushing the U.S. Postal Service off a cliff. Your Postal Service is a constitutionally established agency that provides an affordable, acceptable and universal government service, and it does not rely on tax dollars for its operations.

The Postal Service is currently under siege by Congress, which is jeopardizing the agency's continued existence and your access to its products and services.

What can you do? Tell your member of Congress to refund the $71 billion in pension overpayments to the Postal Service. Tell your member of Congress to relieve the Postal Service of the unjustifiable and unsustainable $5.6 billion yearly payment, and replace it with an actuarially sound and equitable method of funding future postal retiree health benefits.

Tell your member of Congress to ensure that the postal services that you expect and deserve will not be compromised by his or her action. Tell your member of Congress that your vote on Tuesday will depend on his or her commitment to the Postal Service.



James Fusco is a retired Ocean City postmaster and a member of the National Association of Postmasters of the United States

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