Money can't buy

presidential election

It has been proven once again that money cannot buy everything. Even Mitt Romney's wealth of $250 million and all his billionaire backers could not buy the most expensive, exclusive and prestigious four-year time share in these United States - 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.



Replacing Petraeus

will be difficult task

Retired Gen. David Petraeus can never be replaced. He put in 37 years of dedicated service to the military. Paula Broadwell knew what she was doing.

It is a grave loss to the military and to the United States. I am angry that President Barack Obama allows this kind of involvement among his leaders. It makes America look cheap and degrading.



GOP doesn't understand

hard-working Americans

When I heard how Mitt Romney talked about 47 percent of Americans who do not pay federal income taxes, I knew he had no clue.

I had a paper route at age 10. At age 15, I was getting a paycheck with the corresponding deductions. At 17, I enlisted and at 19 was in Vietnam.

Since age 15, I have had a full-time job and sometimes both a full-time and a part-time job. Work is something you do because you need to if you want to have a life, own a home, give your kids a good education and move forward.

Now I am 64 and on Social Security. That makes me part of the 47 percent. And guess what: There are millions of people in this country who have lived the same way.

Why now, after all these years, should I be considered less because I get Social Security? Why is it that Romney thinks that women can't decide what to do with their health issues? Why is Romney in favor of military action, when none of his five sons are in the service?

We are in this together. Some have more, some have less, and some have very little. But as long as we have a fair shot of doing better, we will be OK.



Government should never

decree religious doctrine

Regarding the Nov. 17 letter, "How sad for us that Romney lost":

I feel compelled to respond. The writer says that as she cries she thinks of "the children who call our president their hero." She goes on to list several concerns based on religion.

I'm not sure at what point in history our government became responsible for the salvation of our souls. Many of the earliest settlers of this great land came here to escape religious persecution. The Founding Fathers did their best to ensure that such persecution would not happen here when they drafted our Constitution.

It is not the responsibility of our elected officials to decree religious doctrine. There are many Americans who either do not recognize Christ as their lord and savior or do not believe in God at all.

The writer's religious concerns should be addressed by her beloved traditional family and the religious community, not the American government.



Letter writers demean

millions of U.S. voters

Regarding the Nov. 15 letters, "Obama re-election shows power of fools" and "Republicans let Obama blame Bush for everything":

The writers demeaned 63 million voters. The first gave "kudos to the depraved electorate of fools who defied reason and chose President Barack Obama."

Back in the day, this country could hold an election, watch the results and accept and support the new president. Now we call those who voted for a candidate we didn't support depraved. Is the writer also willing to accept that he was crazy for buying the distortions and lies of Mitt Romney? Name-calling begets name-calling. How does that advance the democratic process?

The second writer must have decided the George W. Bush presidency never happened. Why is it so hard to accept that one president cannot undo what it took another eight years to "accomplish"? Would the writer deny we were losing 700,000 jobs a month under Bush? Would he deny we lowered taxes during two wars (something that had never been done before) and that Bush never put these wars on the books? Would the writer deny that the Bush tax cuts were not paid for in any budget? My bet is that this writer never complained about job losses or budget deficits until the current administration took office.

It is time to move forward toward more jobs, a smaller deficit, better education opportunities and a more conciliatory attitude within Congress and within the American populace.

We need cooperation, not conflict. My hope is that we become the United States of America after this election. If we don't, we will continue congressional gridlock and will sustain the current animosity I see in the country today.


Egg Harbor Township

Stories one-sided

on Mideast violence

Regarding the articles about the Middle East conflict:

How about the fact that Hamas is firing 400 rockets in a day into Israel? How about that headline? Does Israel not have a right to defend itself? If some terrorist group started firing 400 rockets a day into the United States, do you think we would not fire back? Do you believe there would be no casualties?

Just because The Press publishes Associated Press articles co-written by what appear to be Arab and Jewish reporters doesn't change the fact that the stories are biased and the headlines incomplete. How about publishing articles about Hamas using children who are already deceased and claiming Israel killed them? Instead of selling headlines, let's try selling humanity.


Atlantic City

Inspired by words

of high school goalie

I was inspired by a recent quote in The Press. In the Nov. 19 story, "High school field hockey: Oak Knoll 7, St. Joseph 1/St. Joseph loses in Group I final," Becky Boffo, goalie of the St. Joseph field hockey team, said, "We didn't give up. I kept trying and trying. Sometimes your best isn't good enough, but I definitely tried my best."

That fits for all of us who have been hurt by Sandy. We didn't give up. Nature is powerful. We keep trying and are trying. Though St. Joe lost, they are winners. Though we lost against Sandy, we are winners.




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